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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

2012 Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge

Yeah I know this race is not until November but there is some news about this race and how to qualify for the Sportsman A Main.

Every year the CCRC runs a points series within the Club Series know and the Boyd Hughes Qualifier Series.

Racers earn the same points for these races as they do for that days Club Series Race. These points are tallied at the end of the races to see who will get a spot in the BHASCSportsman A-Main. This racer does not have to single car qualify or run in any of the qualifiers to make the show. The only benefit of that racer doing so is to better the start position.

Here are the dates of the BHASC qualifiers.





These are all Club Series Race dates. You must be a member of CCRC to earn these points for this series.

There are already plans being made for this race to make it once again one of the Premier Events in Quarter Scale Racing.

7 years, & Different winners!

See ya there!

Here are the points totals from the BHASC Qualifier Races thus far.

The points totals reflect all of the racers that compete in each qualfier race but only Club Members will be eligible for the provisional in the 2012 BHASC Sportsman A-Main.

  Race #1 club #4 Race #2 Club #6 Race #3 Race #4 Total
  6/2/2012 7/14/2012 9/8/2012 11/3/2012  
Lorenzo Benton 195 200     395
Allen Johnson 190 190     380
Scott Harper 180 195     375
Marlin Wade 170 180     350
Wayne Rogers 165 185     350
JR Hartley 200 0     200
Jerry Evans 185 0     185
Joe Depinto 175       175