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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Single Lap Record in Sportsman

For quite some time several drivers have been running some very impressive lap times in the Sportsman Class here at LPR.  Sub 6 second laps are not so uncommon here any more, 6.0's and even 6.1's are the norm in our Limited Sportsman Class, those guys are getting faster every week.

Jerry Evans and Scott Harper were getting around the pavement quickly on Saturday in the first heat fast laps of 6.00 and 6.1 for Scott and Jerry respectively seemed to have indicated that maybe the track was just a little cooler and therefore slower today.

The second round would prove that all wrong.  The Sportsman drivers warmed up the tires, lined up and got the green and did not stop until 50 laps were in the books.  That is right 50 laps NO CAUTIONS, it was a blast to be a part of.  All the drivers were courteous and raced hard, what more could you ask for?

When the results were finished, Scott and Jerry were on the lead lap and both turned in their fastest laps of the race on the same lap of the race, deep into the run on lap 37.  Jerry turned in a 5.849 with Scott turning a 5.791 lap time.

Just how low can they go???

With the Grand National Class making a run at the next race which is the final leg of the North South Shootout it will be interesting to see just how fast the 10.5 plate cars get around.