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Monday, October 01, 2012

To my Fellow CCRC Members...

As most of you should know by now I have been working on the schedule, track championship series and classes for next years racing season.

To put it mildly, my proposal is shaking things up for next year, so if you will stick with me here, I will lay out my idea for next year and you can think it over.  Now this is just "my proposal" it is YOU the members that have the final word, all I ask is that you read the following with an open mind and don't jump to any conclusions, sleep on it, mull it over and then let me know what you think.

The Schedule:

As is our norm we will race on the second and fourth weekends of the month.  As I have previously posted the first race will be on the fourth Saturday in February, the 23rd.

Now here is where I change things up.

The second weekends will NOT be points races, we will be racing but not for points. These weekend will be the special races. Like the North/South Shootout, an NCS race should we get one, the 500 and races like that.  I have some ideas for those weekends but they are not important right now.  The fourth weekends will be points races and there 10 of them.  I will put up my proposal for the point series later in this post, that is different too.

My goal here is to inject more FUN into the racing while keeping with our tradition of points racing for the Track Championship.  With the schedule I am proposing it is the combination of both racing for points and not racing for points.

The Track Championship:

This gets a little complicated to read, but read it a couple of times and I think it will become clear, at least I hope so. It took me a couple of times to type it out so it made sense to me and I came up with it.

A couple of questions answered for you guys right here at the start.

YES -- Single car qualifying is coming back.
YES-- There will be another class other that Sportsman.
Not sure -- Limited Sportsman. I feel that our current Limited Sportsman racers are ready to move up. That being said, should there be a need for the Limited class for some new guys, it will ALWAYS be available.
YES-- Sportsman AND ClassX will follow this same format for points.

Total of 10 points races throughout the season

At the end of the Sixth race, the points will be reset and the racers will begin the Finale to the Championship.

All racers meeting the qualifications will be have their points reset to 2000 points, minus 2 points for every position down from First through Fifth, positions Sixth through Tenth will be separated by 3 points, positions 11th on down will be separated by 4 points per position.  This way there is incentive to do better and not just ride it out until the reset.  In addition to the points reset the following bonus points will be awarded throughout the year.  The bonus points will NOT be added until the RESET of the standings. This means that the standings will be reset according to the point standings at the end of the 6th race and THEN the bonus points will be added.

1 point for Single car TQ
1 point for Qualifying TQ
1 point for winning the A-Main

This will allow a total of 3 bonus points to be awarded for every race.

The points BEFORE bonus points are awarded will look like this.

1st 2000          6th 1989          11th 1973
2nd 1998          7th 1986          12th 1969
3rd 1996          8th 1983          13th 1965
4th 1994          9th 1980          14th 1961
5th 1992          10th 1977        15th 1957

All other positions, should they be needed will follow the 4point separation per position.

Points will be awarded for finishing positions in the Mains starting will 200 points for first and deducting 5 points for each subsequent finishing position.  A Racer must complete at least one lap in their "original" main in order to gain points for that race day.  If no laps are completed by the end of the main that racer will be given a DNS in that main and awarded ZERO points.  That race may be used as a drop in the first 6 races.

All drivers will be eligible for the Finale to the championship, however, for a driver to have the maximum amount of points awarded that driver must have entered at least 5 of the first 6 races(in other words one drop in the first 6 races). If a driver does not enter at least 5 of the first six races, they are still eligible for the Finale, as long as they entered at least 3 of the points races but their points position will determined by their points total after the resort, with a 5 point deduction for every race not totaling 5 races. The reason behind the minimum amount of races entered is to discourage "sitting out" until the end, not running many races, only running the Final 4 and winning a Championship.

Example: Joe is the last racer with at least 5 races but no bonus points, and finishes in the points in 10th place, his total will be 1977 points, Fred is entering the Finale but only made 4 of the 5 minimum races, his starting points total will be 1968 (1973 (11th place) - 1Race, 5 points).  Bob entered only three of the races so his total will be 1959 (1969 (12th Place)-2 races, 10 points).


For the Finale the three Bonus Points possible for each race will be awarded at the end of each race day. They will be the same as the previous 6 races.
1 point for Single car TQ
1 point for Qualifying TQ
1 point for winning the A-Main

 Some final thoughts in closing that I will ask all of my fellow members to keep in mind.

This is YOUR TRACK and YOUR CLUB, it is and always will be what YOU make of it. The officers of this club CANNOT do it without the help and support of the members. YOUR opinion and YOUR ideas MATTER and I want to hear them all.

If we can get all this ironed out BEFORE the meeting, we can spend more time eating and bench racing.

Thanks guys,