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Monday, November 05, 2012

2012 Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge Schedule

Here it is guys the daily schedule for the event.  We have it laid out to best take advantage of the days leading up to the race on Saturday and the Race itself.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Event Directors:

Scott Harper and Steve Hartley

Race Director:

Marlin Wade


Track opens at 9:00am for Open Practice. Controlled practice will be started if the number of cars warrants the need.


9:00am Track Open, Open Practice. Controlled practice will once again be implemented if the need arises.  If this is needed, a schedule will be posted on the Drivers Stand and announced.

2:00pm-5:00pm Pre-Registraion open $35 all classes on Saturday. $15 to enter the Prelude to the Challenge Truck Race.  If you enter this race you get $5 off Saturday's entry fee.

5:00pm - Drivers Meeting for Prelude Race, Track Closed  for all racers except those racing in the Prelude Race.

5:45pm - Single Truck Qualifying

6:00pm - Last Chance Qualifier**
                ** The LCQ will be used if there are more than 10 trucks entered into the race.
                     If more than 10 trucks enter, the top 8 trucks from single truck qualifying
                     will make it into the main , the reamaining trucks will run a 35 lap race with
                     the top two finishers filling out the last two spots in the main.

10 minute break to set up the main event.

Prelude to the Challenge 125 Lap Race.  Red Flag fuel only stop at 75 laps.

Following the Prelude race, track is open for practice until 9:00pm.



9:00am Track open, Registration open. Controlled Practice
9:00-9:10 - Limited Sportsman
9:10-9:20 - Super Truck
9:20-9:30 - Sprint Car
9:30-9:45 - Sportsman Group 1*
9:45-10:00 - Sportsman Group 2*
* Group 1 and 2 will be done by random assignments.  See Drivers Stand for list.

Drivers Meeting upon completion of Pre-tech, then controlled practice will resume.

Controlled Practice Schedule will be announced once Tech is closed.

12:00 Track CLOSED for Lunch, Parade of Cars and Concourse.

12:45 Single Car Qualifying begins.

***********************ATTENTION SPORTSMAN DRIVERS*************************

This is an IMPOUND RACE.

What this means is once you make your single car qualifying run, your car will stay in impound until your first qualifying race.  There will be electrical outlets made available to you should you need to charge your receiver battery.  There will be NO OTHER adjustments allowed to the cars during this time.

You will be allowed to take you car back to the pits once you have completed your first qualifier race.



Have a safe trip, see you all at the track!