Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Annual Meeting Agenda

2013 CCRC Annual Club Meeting

Ø      Presentation of 2012 Club Series and Super Series Awards
Ø      Steve Hartley calls meeting to order
Ø      Steve Hartley will turn over the meeting to Scott Harper
Ø      Open up registration for 2013 CCRC Memberships
Ø      2012 Treasurers Report
Ø      By Law change suggestion regarding the office of Club Secretary
Ø      Vote on By-Law suggestion change.
Ø      Open Nominations for 2013 Officers
Ø      Only those that were members for 2012 in good standing may vote on any of the matters coming up for votes during this meeting.
Ø      Nominations for Treasurer
Ø      Election of Treasurer
Ø      Nominations for Club Secretary
Ø      Election of Club Secretary
Ø      Nominations for Co-Chair
Ø      Election of Co-Chair
Ø      Open Discussions for the 2013 Racing Season
Ø      Vote on LPR once again join QSAC as a sanctioned QSAC Track.
Ø      2013 Heat and Main Setup on Raceday
Ø      2013 Points Structure*
Ø      2013 Season Race Schedule*
Ø      Classes for the Championship
Ø      Rule(s) changes for the 2013 season
            Aluminum Intake
            New QSAC Intake
            Lucky Dog Rule
            Man-Up Rule
            Any Engine rules not defined in QSAC rulebook
Ø      North South Series with Lakeside Track
Ø      2013 QSAC NCS Final Showdown
Ø      2013 BHASC
Ø      Announcements for the 2013 Racing Season
Ø      Meeting adjourned

 * Should these items be passed, a vote to add an addendum to the bylaws will be called for.