Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Annual Meeting Report Condensed

1>Outgoing Co-Chair Steve Hartley calls meeting to order & turns over the meeting to
    Co-Chair Scott Harper                                                                                     

2> Scott Harper opens up registration for 2013 CCRC Membership

3>2012 Treasurers Report by Marlin Wade 

4>By Law change suggestion regarding the office of Club Secretary - Approved 

5>Addition to the CCRC By-Laws – Social Media - Approved 

6> Open Nominations for 2013 Officers 

Marlin Wade was re-elected Treasurer for 2013.

James Adamson was elected Treasurer for 2013.

Allen Johnson was elected Co-Chair for 2013 - 2014.

7> Open Discussions for the 2013 Racing Season

7a>Shall LPR join QSAC as a sanctioned QSAC Track - Approved

7b>Revised 2013 Heat and Main Setup on Raceday - A motion to table this
                  proposal and a vote to maintain QSAC standard of heat and main number of
                  racers - Approved

7c>2013 Points Structure - Approved

7d>2013 Season Race Schedule – Approved (Note: Eliminated Super
      Series this year)

7e>Night Races – Approved (See Approved Schedule)

7f>Classes for the Championship – Sportsman & Super Truck Classes -

7g>Rule(s) changes for the 2013 season

            #1 Aluminum Intake by ADA Part Number 15-1200 & the New QSAC
                             Intake once it is approved by QSAC –  Approved
                        #2 Lucky Dog Rule to be continued - Approved

            #3 Man-Up Rule to be continued - Approved

#4 Engine rules as per QSAC rulebook (other than ADA Intake above)

7h>North South Series with Lakeside Track – As per approved Race Schedule
       the date for North-South Shootout Race #1 will be on May 4, 2013
                    @ Lakeside Speedway.     
      Date for North-South Shootout Race #2 will be July 13, 2013
      @ Lagoon Park Raceway.

7i>2013 QSAC NCS Final Showdown - As per approved Race Schedule the
     date for QSAC NCS Final Showdown will be on September 13-14
     @ Lagoon Park Raceway.

7j>2013 BHASC - As per approved Race Schedule the date for 9th Annual
     Boyd Hughes All-Star  Challenge will be on November 22-23
     @ Lagoon Park Raceway.

7k>Announcements for the 2013 Racing Season

              Series Sponsors

      CCRC is proud to announce that the Sponsors for the Super Truck Series
      will be by Mike Clark PRO1 Bodies and Image One.

                  The Sportsman Series Sponsor will be by
                  Donnie Nelson Racing Engines.

  25th Anniversary of CCRC

This year will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Capital City Racing Club that was founded October 1988. Thru hard work and dedication of many people this Club continues to thrive and flourish.