Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Finally racing again!

It seems like it has been forever since the cars have burned up the track at Lagoon Park. Maybe that is because of the 5 week gap!

With a rain-out and the 5 week month it has been just too long.  That is all about to change.

We will be racing next week and hopefully get back to our every other week routine and start really putting down some rubber and times on the track.

when you guys show up next Saturday be sure to bring plenty of liquids and you anything you need to cope with the pollen.  Everything is in full pollen mode here in Alabama so you can bet there will be plenty of it on the track and in the air. It will also start being warmer so don't forget the sunscreen

I am off to see the guys of the Indy Series at Barber MotorSports, see you guys next Saturday.