Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Points Resort completed

The first Six Races are behind us and it is now time to resort the standings, add the bonus points and see where it all shakes out.

My goal when coming up with the points system was to "close the gap" in the standings allowing for more racers to have the opportunity to compete for the Championship.

Usually at this time of year it is the racers in the lead's to lose.  Well not this year.

From the eligible racers to compete for the Championship the spread before the resort was an insurmountable 440 points, thas is from 1st to 9th.  The spread on the top two racers was 10 points.

Now with the resort the spread from 1st to 9th is only 35 points and only 15 points separate 1st through 6th.  Now instead of it being a two or three racer battle it turns into at least a 7 racer battle if not all 9.

The last four points races all count, no drops and the Bonus Point system is still in effect.

Good Luck Racers!!

Racer Points -1 drop Bonus Points Total after Resort
Scott Harper 985 5 2005
Allen Johnson 975 6 2004
Jerry Evans 940 3 1999
Mike Clark 930 2 1996
Wayne Rogers 910 0 1992
Woody Trimble 860 1 1990
James Adamson 695 0 1986
David Popham 545 0 1973
Tim Smith 355 0 1970