Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 28 Points Race #8, Race #2 of the Finale Night Race Results

TQ Single Car Qualifying and Bonus Point for TQ - Scott Harper in 6.674 seconds, 2nd Jerry Evans 6.685 and 3rd Jim Dispennette 6.724 

Winner of Group 1 Heats: Scott Harper Heats 1,2 & 3 

Winner of Group 2 Heats: Mike Clark, David Popham, and Allen Johnson

TQ for Heats and Bonus Point for TQ: Scott Harper 

Results from Main:
Winner and Bonus Point for Win: Scott Harper, 2nd Allen Johnson, 3rd Wayne Rogers, Mike Clark 4th, David Popham 5th, Jerry Evans 6th, Tim Smith 7th, Jim Dispennette 8th, James Adamson 9th