Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Race #4 of 4 for the Finale'

Race # 4 of 4 for the Finale’ to decide the Track Championship and Final Standings for Race Weekend 11/9/13

Scott Harper clinches title: (based on max of 10 Racers)
1> If Scott Starts the A Main and there are less than Ten (10) drivers racing.
2> If Scott is awarded at least One (1) Bonus Point for either Single Car Qualifying TQ or Heat TQ and Starts the A Main.

Wayne Rogers can clinch the title:
1>If Wayne Wins the A Main and All Three (3) Bonus Points (Single Car Qualifying TQ, Heat TQ & A Main Win) and Scott finishes 10th, with the result being that Wayne Rogers would win the Championship by One (1) Point over Scott Harper.

There is a tight battle for 2nd place between four (4) Racers with Current 2nd Place Wayne Rogers just 7 Points ahead of current 3rd Place Mike Clark.

Mike Clark is just 1 Point ahead of 4th Place Jerry Evans.

Jerry Evans is just 4 Points ahead of 5th Place Allen Johnson.

Keeping in mind that each addition finishing position is worth 5 Points the separation between 2nd Place Wayne Rogers and 5th Place Allen Johnson is just 12 Points or 3 positions on the track for the Final Race of the 2013 Track Championship!!

And with the right combination of the 3 Bonus Points that are available it is possible that the Bonus points may come in to play to decide the Final Standings!!