Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/24/14 Race Report Points Race #3

Wonderful day for racing at Lagoon Park RC Raceway with temperatures in the mid 90s.

A full field of ten (10) cars on hand for the race, there would have been eleven but yours truly was still suffering the effects of a scorpion stink the night before, so I ran the computer all day.

Held a brief driver's meeting to review NCS #1 - thanks for everyone's help. Also, put the final touches on the Boyd Hughes replacement Charity Race. Look for the official announcement soon!

The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans 1st @ 6.449 seconds, 2nd David Popham @ 6.609 and 3rd Tim Smith @ 6.620 seconds. Jerry was awarded the Bonus Point for TQ of qualifying.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, David Popham, Tim Smith, Scott Harper and Allen Johnson.

      Group 1 Heat Winners were Heat 1 Allen Johnson, Heats 2 & 3 Scott Harper who ran 5.9s in both of those heats the only sub six (6) seconds laps of the day.

Group 2 Racers were Cliff Scales, Mike Clark, Wayne Rogers, Eddie Dunn and Woody Trimble.

     Mike Clark swept all three (3) of heats in Group 2 and was the TQ of the Heats and also awarded the Bonus Point for TQ.

Lineup of the Main was:

Pole: Mike Clark
2nd   Scott Harper
3rd   Allen Johnson
4th   Cliff Scales
5th   Woody Trimble
6th   Tim Smith
7th   Wayne Rogers
8th   David Popham
9th   Jerry Evans
10th Eddie Dunn


There were 4 different Lap leaders during the running of the Main: Mike Clark, Scott Harper, Jerry Evans, and Allen Johnson.

At Lap 120 Mike Clark was as low as 7th and on lap 136 he took the lead from Allen Johnson and was the fastest car on the track and went on to take the Main Win and the Bonus Point for the Win.

Final Results:
1st   Mike Clark (TNT)
2nd Allen Johnson (Gram Cracker)
3rd Scott Harper (TNT)
4th Jerry Evans
5th Cliff Scales
6th Wayne Rogers
7th Woody Trimble
8th Tim Smith
9th Eddie Dunn
10th David Popham (Did Not Start)

Timing and Scoring
Updated Track Championship Points