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Monday, June 09, 2014

June 2014 Track Championship Points Races Update

This month there are two (2) Track Championship Points Races instead of one (June 14th Points Race #4, and June 28th Points Race #5). This is due to the NCS Race that LPR hosted in April as that took up that months normal point race and was moved to this month- June 14.

Since the last race in May (Points Race #3) was also a Points Race there will be actually three (3) consecutive points races in a row which should get everybody set the up Points Race #6 in July (remember 1 drop is allowed in the 1st six races) which is when the points RESORT will occur and set the eligible drivers for the Final Four (4) Points Races that will determine the 2014 Track Championship.

Currently there are five (5) of eleven (11) drivers whom have already qualified and have entered the minimum of three (3) races of five (5) points races. All of the other six (6) have at least two (2) races entered and just need one (1) more, so there should hopefully be at least eleven (11) drivers trying to capture the Lagoon Park RC Raceway 2014 Track Championship.

To see where everyone stands after Points Race #3 see 2014 Track Championship Points link to right of page.

See you this weekend for Points Race # 4 – 2:00PM start.