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Monday, June 16, 2014

Race Report Points Race #4 6/14/14

The temperature was around 90 and the humidity was very high for racing at Lagoon Park RC Raceway.

Eight (8) cars were on hand for Points Race #4 and after the drivers meeting Single Car Qualifying was held.

The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans 1st @ 6.441 seconds and was awarded the Bonus Point for TQ of qualifying, 2nd was Mike Clark @ 6.564 seconds and 3rd was Scott Harper @ 6.614 seconds.  The top three (3) all drove TNT chassis.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Mike Clark, Scott Harper and Allen Johnson.

      Group 1 Heat Winners were Heats 1 & 2 Jerry Evans, and Heat 3 Scott Harper. Fast Laps for Heats: 1 - Jerry Evans @ 6.025, 2 – Scott Harper 5.978 and 3 – Scott Harper @ 5.997 seconds. Scott was the only racer to run a time below 6.0 for the day.

Group 2 Racers were Wayne Rogers, Woody Trimble, Eddie Dunn and James Adamson.

    Group 2 Heat Winners were Heat 1 Wayne Rogers, Heats 2 & 3 Woody Trimble. Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Eddie Dunn @ 6.186, 2 – Eddie Dunn 6.227 and 3 – Woody Trimble 6.283 seconds.

Jerry Evans was TQ of the Heats and its’ Bonus Point.
Lineup of the B Main was:
1st   Allen Johnson - DNS
2nd Eddie Dunn
3rd  James Adamson
4th  Mike Clark

There were 2 different Lap leaders during the running of the B Main: Eddie Dunn & Mike Clark. Allen Johnson DNS the B Main and that placed Eddie Dunn on Pole.
Mike Clark took the over 1st from Eddie on Lap 12.
James Adamson was very loose early on and lost almost 2 laps and spent the balance of the race trying to get back to the lead lap under green flag but would fall just short of getting that lap back and finished 1 lap down.
Mike Clark would led the balance of the 63 laps to take the B Main Win with Eddie Dunn 2nd just 1.436 seconds back to take the last transfer position to the A Main.
The times for the drivers were very close with James Adamson having the Fast Lap of 6.134 seconds in his PRO1. To show how close the times were the top 15 average for James Adamson was 6.192, Mike Clark 6.193 and Eddie Dunn 6.208 seconds, just .016 of a difference.

Lineup of the A Main was:
1st   Jerry Evans
2nd Wayne Rogers
3rd Woody Trimble
4th Scott Harper
5th Mike Clark – Bump Up
6th Eddie Dunn – Bump Up -DNS

Lap leaders were Jerry Evans Laps 1- 107, 141-149 and Scott Harper Laps 108-140,150.
Mike Clark went out early on Lap 13 with mechanical issues.  Wayne Rogers would hold 2nd until Lap 41 until Scott Harper would move into 2nd. Woody Trimble would go a lap down right before the fuel stop at Lap 75.

Lap 75 order was Jerry Evans 1st, Scott Harper 2nd, Wayne Rogers 3rd all on same lap and Woody Trimble 4th.
Jerry would retain 1st until Lap 107 as the track started losing traction and Jerry spun putting Scott 1st. The loose conditions continued thru the balance of the Main with all the drivers having trouble holding the race line.

It took Jerry until Lap 141 to get back out front getting past Scott Harper for position. Scott kept the pressure on Jerry staying right on his tail. Jerry would take the white flag in 1st with Scott Harper 2nd, and Wayne Rogers 3rd all on the same lap. Jerry lost control and spun in the middle of turn three (3) and Scott Harper was able to get around Jerry without collecting him to cross the line for the Win of the Main and also collect the Bonus Point for the Win. Wayne Rogers dodged Jerry also but spun into the grass right before the start finish line and dropped a belt, which allowed Jerry who was able to collect control of his car after his spin to finish 2nd. Wayne would finish 3rd, with Woody Trimble coming home 4th. A wild last lap to say the least!
Fast Lap of the Main was Scott Harper in 6.127 seconds.

Final Results:
1st   Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd Jerry Evans (TNT)
3rd Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
4th Woody Trimble
5th Mike Clark
6th Eddie Dunn - DNS

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