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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Points Race #5 June 28th Race Report

Race Day at Lagoon Park RC Raceway was marked by very high humidity and fast lap times.

Eight (8) cars were on hand for Points Race #5 and the Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans 1st @ 6.269 seconds, 2nd was Mike Clark @ 6.548 seconds and 3rd was Scott Harper @ 6.633 seconds.  Jerry Evans continued his Single Car Qualifying dominance and captured his 5th consecutive TQ in Points Races and the Bonus Point that goes with it.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Mike Clark, Scott Harper and Allen Johnson.

      Group 1 Heat Winners were Heats 1 & 3 Scott Harper, and Heat 2 Jerry Evans. Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Scott Harper 5.975, 2 – Scott Harper 5.965 and 3 – Scott Harper 5.923 seconds. In Heat 3 Scott’s top 15 average was 5.997 seconds. Also in Heat 3 Jerry Evans ran his 1st sub 6 second lap of the year with a Fast Lap of 5.960 and a top 5 of 5.978 joining Scott Harper and Allen Johnson as racers with sub 6 second laps for the year.

Group 2 Racers were Wayne Rogers, Woody Trimble, Wayne Rogers and James Adamson.

    Group 2 Heat Wins were swept by David Popham. Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Woody Trimble 6.141, 2 – Woody Trimble 6.107 and 3 – James Adamson 6.105 (personal best) seconds.
TQ of the Heats and its’ Bonus Point David Popham.
Lineup of the B Main was:
1st   Allen Johnson
2nd Mike Clark
3rd  James Adamson
4th  Woody Trimble

Allen Johnson led all 75 laps of the B Main followed by Mike Clark .709 seconds back, James Adamson 3rd with Woody Trimble dropping out early with mechanical issues 4th.
The Top 3 bumped up to the A Main.
Lineup of the A Main was:
1st   David Popham
2nd Jerry Evans
3rd Scott Harper
4th Wayne Rogers
5th Allen Johnson – Bump Up
6th Mike Clark – Bump Up
7th James Adamson - Bump Up
There had been Four (4) different winners in the Four (4) Points Races so far, and the dark horses came with their A game to try to make it 5 Winners in 5 Races.
David Popham and Wayne Rogers would keep that possibility alive with their performance in the A Main.
David Popham would control the race and lead the first 54 laps, until Scott Harper took over 1st.
The race was also marked by mechanical issues all due to heim problems. Mike Clark was the first to be effected and went out early on lap 49 finishing 7th.
At the 75 lap fuel stop the running order was 1st Scott Harper, 2nd David Popham, 3rd Wayne Rogers, 4th Allen Johnson, 5th Jerry Evans and 6th James Adamson.
On lap 82 Allen Johnson was bitten by the heims bug and would drop several laps and would finish 5th after returning to the track.
Scott Harper would lead laps 55 – 92, where Jerry Evans would move into 1st.
The heims bug then bit Scott Harper where his locked up and left the race on lap 129 finishing 6th.
The top 3 were all on the same lap with twenty (20) to go with Jerry Evans 1st, Wayne Rogers 2nd, David Popham 3rd, James Adamson 4th and Allen Johnson on track running 5th. Wayne and David were both trying to make it 5 different winners.
Some late race contact between a couple of cars caused Wayne Rogers to drop a lap down. David Popham did his best and had a very fast car, but Jerry Evans became the first repeat Winner in the Points Races leading laps 94 – 150.
Fast Lap of the Main was Jerry Evans with a time of 5.934 seconds and collected the Bonus Point for the Win.
Final Results:
1st   Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd David Popham (Lightning)
3rd Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
4th James Adamson
5th Allen Johnson
6th Scott Harper    

7th Mike Clark

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