Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Points Race #6 July 26 Race Report

Seven (7) cars were on hand for the Points Race #6 the last of the Point Races before the Points Resort. The weather was in low 90s but there was some wind blowing that was much appreciated by the racers. Today’s race was the last chance to make some moves up the leader board for the Points Reset after this race.
The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans (TNT) 1st @ 6.444 seconds, 2nd was Wayne Rogers (Lightning) @ 6.669 seconds and 3rd was Mike Clark (TNT) @ 6.931 seconds.  
Jerry has been the King of Qualifying and has been the Top Single Car Qualifier in all Six (6) of the Points races so far and has all Six (6) of the Bonus Points that have been available.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Wayne Rogers, Mike Clark and Woody Trimble.

      All Three (3) of Group 1 Heats were swept by Jerry Evans (TNT). Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Jerry Evans 6.200, 2 – Jerry Evans 6.214 and 3 – Jerry Evans 6.211 seconds.

Group 2 Racers were Eddie Dunn, James Adamson and “Fast” Eddie McCray. It was great to see Fast Eddie back at the track as he has had family and medical issues this year and he was ready to race and it showed on the track.

    Group 2 Heat Wins were Heats 1 & 3 by Eddie Dunn (Lightning) and Heat #2 by “Fast” Eddie McCray (Lightning). Eddie Dunn wanted to know which Eddie was the “Fast” Eddie and was told to mind his Elders, both Eddie’s took that with the sense of humor that was intended.

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – James Adamson (Pro1) 6.498, 2 – James Adamson 6.463 and 3 – James Adamson in 6.394 seconds.
  Heat 2 was the race of the day as there were two (2) and even three (3) wide racing. There were position changes for the lead that did not show changing because they happen with crossover moves before the timing and scoring loop.  In the end “Fast” Eddie McCray would take the win with Eddie Dunn just 0.224 seconds back and James Adamson 1.914 seconds back.
Jerry Evans would be the TQ of the Heats and was awarded the Bonus Point.
Lineup of the B Main was:
1st   James Adamson
2nd Woody Trimble
3rd Wayne Rogers

The top two (2) would bump up to the A Main

Fifty-four (54) laps in James Adamson would throw a fuel line and had to retire leaving Woody Trimble and Wayne Rogers to battle out for the win. Woody Trimble (TNT) would take the win by 0.970 seconds over Wayne.

Lap Leaders were James Adamson 1-11, Wayne Rogers 12-26, Woody Trimble 27-75.

Fast Lap of B Main was by Woody Trimble in 6.319 seconds.

As evident by the track times everyone was battling the track with everyone experiencing a slight push condition, some worse than others, as no one had ran a lap in the 6.1s yet. Would that trend continue?

Lineup of the A Main was:
1st   Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd Eddie Dunn (Lightning)
3rd “Fast” Eddie McCray (Lightning)
4th Mike Clark
5th Woody Trimble – Bump Up

6th Wayne Rogers – Bump Up

Jerry Evans would stay out front until till the fuel break at Lap 75. Mike Clark was 2nd, Wayne Rogers was the biggest mover from 6th to 3rd, 4th was Eddie Dunn, 5th Woody Trimble, and 6th “Fast” Eddie McCray. The top four (4) were on the lead lap.
Right after the fuel stop Eddie Dunn would have some mechanical issues and had to go to pit lane to fix the issue and he would return back to the track dropping several laps.

On Lap 126 Woody Trimble would break his right front and would retire. Woody had a fast car and ran the 3rd fastest lap of the A Main in 6.187 seconds on Lap 64.
Jerry continued to stay out front and Mike Clark would put pressure on him on the restarts but Mike could not get up beside Jerry and/or make a move on Jerry. Jerry Evans in his TNT would lead all One Hundred Fifty (150) laps and take the Win of the A Main and the Bonus Point.

A Main Results
1st   Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd Mike Clark  (TNT) 1.245 seconds down      
3rd Wayne Rogers (Lightning) 5.744 seconds down

4th “Fast” Eddie McCray
5th Eddie Dunn

6th Woody Trimble

Fast lap of the Main was by Jerry Evans in 6.147 seconds on Lap 139. Mike Clark had a fast lap of 6.171 seconds on Lap 150. Woody Trimble also ran in the 6.1s also notated above.