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Friday, July 18, 2014

Race 10 – Non Points July 12 Race Report

Seven (7) cars were on hand for the Non Points Race #10, not a bad turnout considering three (3) of the regulars were either on vacation, and/or occupied by other family responsibilities.  

The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans (TNT) 1st @ 6.403 seconds, 2nd was Wayne Rogers (Lightning) @ 6.647 seconds and 3rd was Tim Smith (Lightning) @ 6.826 seconds.  

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Wayne Rogers, Tim Smith, and Mike Clark.

      All Three (3) of Group 1 Heats were swept by Jerry Evans (TNT). Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Jerry Evans 6.109, 2 – Jerry Evans 6.035 and 3 – Jerry Evans 6.162.

Group 2 Racers were Woody Trimble, Eddie Dunn and James Adamson.

    Group 2 Heat Wins were Heats 1 & 2 Woody Trimble (TNT) and Heat #3 by James Adamson (PRO 1). Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Woody Trimble 6.423, 2 – Woody Trimble 6.568 and 3 – Eddie Dunn 6.345 seconds. Heat 3 was the race of the day as there were several times where the drivers were actually three (3) wide and on all occasions no one wrecked! There were 8 different lead changes all under green flag conditions and the final separation at the finish across the field was just 2.239 seconds.

Mike Clark was not able to start the B Main so Eddie Dunn and Tim Smith automatically bumped up to the A Main:
Lineup of the A Main was:

1st   Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd Woody Trimble (TNT)
3rd James Adamson (PRO 1)
4th Wayne Rogers
5th Eddie Dunn – Bump Up
6th Tim Smith – Bump Up 

Jerry Evans would stay out front until till the fuel brake at Lap 75. Wayne Rogers was the biggest mover and was 2nd, 3rd was Woody Trimble, 4th James Adamson, 5th Eddie Dunn and 6th Tim Smith. The Top 4 were on the lead lap.
James Adamson’s belt had started stripping and after further inspection there was additional mechanical issues and James would not make the 2nd half restart and finished 6th.
Tim Smith was then bitten by the mechanical bug a few laps later and finished 5th.
Jerry Evans would continue in 1st but Wayne Rogers was running the faster lap times, however Jerry was holding Wayne off by running slightly more consistent times. On Lap 132 Wayne ran his Fastest Lap of 6.191 seconds. Three (3) laps later Jerry would run his fastest lap in a time of 6.213 seconds.
There was a late race restart after a caution and on lap 146 and Jerry Evans got a little loose in turn 2 allowing Wayne Rogers to get by him for 1st. Wayne Rogers withstood the pressure applied by Jerry and took the win by 0.947 seconds.
Fast Lap of the A Main was Tim Smith with a time of 6.084 seconds on lap 53.

Final Results:
1st   Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
2nd Jerry Evans (TNT)
3rd Woody Trimble (TNT)
4th Eddie Dunn
5th Tim Smith
6th James Adamson

Timing & Scoring