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Monday, August 25, 2014

Race #1 of 4 of the Finale for the 2014 Track Championship Aug. 23 Race Report

Six (6) cars were on hand for the Race #1 of 4 of the Finale for the 2014 Track Championship. The turnout was a little low due to two of our racers were traveling to QSAC Speed Week in Iowa. Scott Harper and Tim Smith representing CCRC, Good Luck Guys and bring back the Trophies. Allen Johnson also did not race due to illness, but he did show some intestinal fortitude and ran the computer in the Scoring Booth.

The temperature was blistering, 100 degrees, the saving grace was the humidity was not very high for a change.

The points have been reset for the final four (4) races for the Track Championship.

The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans (TNT) 1st @ 6.606 seconds, 2nd was Wayne Rogers (Lightning) @ 6.761 seconds and 3rd was Woody Trimble (TNT) @ 6.963 seconds.  

Jerry Evans collected the Bonus Point for Top Single Car Qualifier keeping his streak of collecting the Bonus Point for all Seven (7) Points Races alive.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Wayne Rogers,  and Woody Trimble.

      All Three (3) of Group 1 Heats were swept by Jerry Evans (TNT). Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Jerry Evans 6.200, 2 – Jerry Evans 6.267 and 3 – Jerry Evans 6.288 seconds.

Group 2 Racers were Mike Clark, James Adamson and Eddie Dunn.

    Group 2 Heat Wins were Heats 1 by Mike Clark (TNT), Heats 2 & 3 by Eddie Dunn (Lightning).

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – James Adamson (Pro1) 6.307, 2 – Mike Clark (TNT) 6.251 and 3 – James Adamson in 6.276 seconds. Heat 2 was the race of the day as all three drivers led laps. Mike Clark led a total of 20 laps, James Adamson 17 laps and Eddie Dunn led 13 laps and Eddie took the win by .916 seconds over James Adamson with Mike Clark right behind James.   The difference in time between the Top 15 Average was just .045 seconds.

Jerry Evans would be the TQ of the Heats and was awarded the Bonus Point.
Lineup of the Main was:
1st   Jerry Evans
2nd Eddie Dunn 
3rd Woody Trimble
4th Mike Clark
5th James Adamson
6th Wayne Rogers 

Jerry Evans would stay out front until till the fuel break at Lap 75. The Biggest mover was Mike Clark up to 2nd, Woody Trimble 3rd, Eddie Dunn down to 4th, Wayne Rogers 5th and James Adamson 6th- 2 laps down with a loose car.

A Late caution would bunch the field up tight but Jerry Evans would lead every lap and take the Win. Over the last 50 laps Mike Clark put some pressure on Jerry but could not quite get up to Jerry and finished 2nd .321 seconds back. Eddie Dunn climbed back up one spot from the halfway point and finished 3rd 1.034 back. Wayne Rogers 4th 1.696 back, Woody Trimble 5th 2.264 back and James Adamson finished 6th one lap down.

Bonus Point for the Win went to Jerry Evans and Jerry had the Fast Lap of the Main with a 6.257 lap.

Actually the racing was close as everyone but Wayne Rogers had lap times in the 6.2s (Wayne ran 6.3s) and the Top 15 difference between all the racers was just .118 seconds, close racing indeed.

The Points Results showed Jerry Evans still out front adding to his resort lead total, Mike Clark solidly 2nd Twenty (20) Points behind, Wayne Rogers adding points to move up to 3rd – Thirty Six (36) behind Jerry. Eddie Dunn (biggest mover) up 4 places to 4th, James Adamson still 5th One (1) Point behind Eddie, Woody Trimble up 1 spot to 6th – One (1) Point behind James.