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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Race Report for Race #3 of 4 to the Finiale to the 2014 Track Championship

Nine (9) cars were on hand for the Race #3 of 4 of the Finale for the 2014 Track Championship.

Last year this was the race that tightened up the points for ...positions 2-5 that lead to a very exciting last race with just a few points separating those positions. Would the same conditions happened this year? Would Jerry Evans succumb to the pressure from 2nd place Mike Clark? Would Wayne Rogers add to some points over his 3rd place position to Eddie Dunn who is 4th?

The temperature was comfortable in the mid 80s and the humidity was comfortable.

The Top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were Jerry Evans (TNT) 1st @ 6.665 seconds, 2nd was Allen Johnson (Gram Cracker) @ 6.835 seconds and 3rd was Scott Harper (TNT) @ 6.846 seconds.

Jerry Evans collected the Bonus Point for Top Single Car Qualifier. Jerry has been Single Car TQ in 8 of the 9 Points Races this year.

After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Allen Johnson, Scott Harper, Mike Clark and David Popham.

All Three (3) of Group 1 Heats were swept by Scott Harper (TNT).

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Scott Harper 6.026, 2 – Scott Harper 5.927 and 3 – Scott Harper 6.073 seconds.

Group 2 Racers were Tim Smith, Eddie Dunn, James Adamson and Wayne Rogers.

Group 2 Heat Wins were Heats 1 by Tim Smith (Lightning), Heats 2 & 3 by Wayne Rogers (Lightning).

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Tim Smith (Lightning) 6.298, 2 – Eddie Dunn (Lightning) 6.369 and 3 – Eddie Dunn & Tim Smith (both in Lightnings) 6.401 seconds.

Reviewing the heats for the Racers in the Points Race, current Points Leader Jerry Evans was a little off the pace in comparing his times to 2nd Place Mike Clark. Was Jerry pressing a little bit? The fight for 3rd Place between Wayne Rogers and Eddie Dunn was almost even with Wayne carrying a little momentum due to two wins in the heats, but Eddie times were just a bit more consistent and he was right behind Wayne having finished 2nd in all three Heat races.

What would happen in the A Main?

Scott Harper would be the TQ of the Heats and was awarded the Bonus Point.

Lineup of the Main was:
1st Scott Harper
2nd Tim Smith
3rd Wayne Rogers
4th Eddie Dunn
5th Jerry Evans
6th Allen Johnson
7th Mike Clark
8th James Adamson
9th David Popham (DNS)

The problems for the racers in the Points contention began early. On the initial start Wayne Rogers took some serious damage in an incident in Turn 3 being hit from behind and there would be a restart. However Wayne was not able to get his car repaired until right before the halfway point.

Points leader Jerry Evans threw some parts in the first segment and he had to make repairs and return to the track laps down also.

Mike Clark looked to be in a good position until he also had mechanical issues which he had to repair to get back on the track.

That left Eddie Dunn with a chance to make up some points, but he was having some handling issues and his times were a couple of tenths off the pace from the leaders.

Scott Harper would lead all 75 Laps to the half-way fuel stop and he ran his fast Lap of the Main on lap 56.

At the halfway point it was 1st Scott Harper, 2nd Allen Johnson, 3rd Tim Smith, 4th Eddie Dunn, 5th James Adamson, 6th Mike Clark, 7th Jerry Evans and Wayne Rogers 8th.

Biggest mover at the halfway point was James Adamson up three positions from 8th to 5th.

Scott Harper would continue to lead with Allen Johnson able to keep close to Scott and remain on the lead lap along with Tim Smith.

Eddie Dunn dropped a couple of laps in the second half and he dropped down to 5th as he was trying to make the most out of a ill handling car and also make up some points.

Suddenly at Lap 131 when Scott Harper was just passing James Adamson going into turn 3 dropping him 2 laps down when the Lights went out!

Yes I said that right the Lights went out! Pitch Dark! Main Circuit Breaker blew!

Scott and James somehow both made it around turns 3 & 4 and got stopped on the front stretch without hitting anything and/or taking each other out. The same could be said for the other six drivers as all got stopped without hitting anything other than Eddie Dunn to hit the wall coming out of turn 2 but no serious damage.

The A Main was called due to loss of the lights and the race was made official.

1st Scott Harper
2nd Place Allen Johnson
3rd Tim Smith
4th James Adamson
5th Eddie Dunn
6th Mike Clark
7th Jerry Evans
8th Wayne Rogers
David Popham did not start.

Fast Lap of the Main was by Scott Harper at 6.050 seconds who was almost 2/10ths faster that the next fast lap of 6.215 seconds by James Adamson.

Scott was also awarded the Bonus Point for the Win.

The Points Race did not change as much as they could have since the racers in Points contention all had some issue, some more serious than others.

Jerry Evans only loss 4 Points to 2nd Place Mike Clark after his addition of One Bonus Point and is 22 Points ahead for the 2014 Track Championship.

4th Place Eddie Dunn was the biggest mover from the race picking up 15 points on 3rd Place Wayne Rogers who now has a One (1) Point lead for 3rd over Eddie.

So the 2014 Points Championship and positions 1st thru 4th will be decided by that last Points Race of the Season on November 8th, Race #4 of 4 of the Finale for the 2014 Track Championship.

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