Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 22 Non-Points Race #18 Report

Seven (7) cars were on hand for the Non-Points Race #18 the penultimate race of the 2014 Season.
The temperature was comfortable in the upper 60s with a threat of rain late.
After a short driver’s meeting, where some clubs news about the SOWF 500 and other ideas were discussed, Single Car Qualifying commenced.

The top 3 Single Car Qualifying results were 3rd Scott Harper (TNT) @ 6.919 seconds, 2nd Mike Clark (TNT) @ 6.828  and 1st Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 6.5011 seconds. 
TNT chassis across the board. Jerry dominated the field in Single Car Qualifying as he has throughout most of the year.
After Qualifying the Group 1 Racers were Jerry Evans, Mike Clark, Scott Harper, and David Popham.

      Group 1 Heat Winners were Heats 1 & 2 by Jerry Evans (TNT) and Heat 3 by Scott Harper (TNT).

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – Scott Harper 6.063, 2 – Jerry Evans 6.141 and 3 – David Popham (Lightning) 5.995 seconds!
Lap Leaders:
Heat 1 – Jerry Evans 1-50.
Heat 2 – David Popham 1-10, Jerry Evans 11-50.
Heat 3 – Jerry Evans 1-34, Scott Harper 35-50.
Group 2 Racers were Wayne Rogers, James Adamson, and Eddie Dunn.

    Group 2 Heat Winners were Heats 1 & 2 by James Adamson (PRO1), Heats 3 by Wayne Rogers (Lightning).

Fast Laps for Heats: 1 – James Adamson 6.224, 2 – James Adamson 6.194 and 3 – Wayne Rogers 6.534 seconds.
Lap Leaders:
Heat 1 – Wayne Rogers 1-2, James Adamson 3-50.
Heat 2 – Eddie Dunn 1-8, James Adamson 9-50.
Heat 3 – Wayne Rogers 1-31.
After tabulating the results the B Main was set.

Pole – Eddie Dunn
2nd - Mike Clark
3rd  - David Popham

Eddie Dunn (Lightning) would lead laps 1-3 where he was passed for by Mike Clark.
David Popham would get by Eddie on lap 8 to move up to 2nd.

David kept trying to get up and Mike and make the pass for the 1st, but Mike was able to keep David behind him throughout the remaining 67 Laps and take the Win of the B Main by 1.534 seconds over 2nd Place David Popham. Eddie Dunn would finish 3rd.
Fast Lap of the B Main was by David Popham with a time of 6.127 seconds.

Lap Leaders were Eddie Dunn 1-3, Mike Clark 4-75.
Mike Clark and David Popham would Bump Up to the A Main.
Line Up for the A Main

Pole – Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd – James Adamson (PRO1)
3rd – Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
4th – Scott Harper
5th – Mike Clark
6th – David Popham

On lap 4 both Scott Harper and Mike Clark would pass Wayne Rogers dropping Wayne to 5th.
One lap later David Popham would pass both Wayne Rogers and then Mike Clark to move up to 4th. On lap 9 David would bring out the caution and drop back to 6th.

On lap 19 Scott Harper would get by James Adamson, but James made a perfect crossover move to take the position back on lap 20. James would set the fast lap of  the main on lap 26 of 6.191 seconds about 2/10ths faster than everyone else, however a lap latter he spun out by touching the grass inside of Turn 1 and dropped from 2nd to 6th.
Mike Clark would drop out with mechanical issues on lap 27 while in 3rd Place.

On lap 32 James would pass both Wayne Rogers and David Popham to move back up to 3rd.
Jerry Evans would lead laps 1-34 until he went out with electrical issues moving Scott Harper up to 1st.

Scott Harper would lead laps 35-75 until the halfway fuel stop and set Fast Lap of the A Main on lap 72 with a time of 6.128 seconds. 2nd Place on the lead lap was James Adamson, 3rd David Popham 1 lap down, 4th Wayne Rogers 1 lap down, 5th Jerry Evans retired, and 6th Mike Clark retired.
There were a couple of rain drops on the track at the fuel stop so everyone knew the rain was almost there so how would the tactics change?

On the restart James Adamson was 2nd but 4th on the track and made quick work of Wayne Rogers and David Popham (with a little help from sportsmanship) to get right back behind Scott Harper. James was a little bit faster than Scott Harper but would he show the patience needed with the rain coming.
On lap 85 James would get beside Scott coming out of turn 4 and take the lead going into turn 1 on lap 86. James was shooting not only for his best finish running Sportsman but also the win.

However, James overdrove the corner and spun letting Scott Harper take 1st Place back from James.
The caution came out and almost immediately the rain started to fall and the race was called on lap 87. Scott Harper would take the win.

Finishing Order of A Main
1st – Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd – James Adamson (PRO1 – best finish running as a Sportsman)
3rd – David Popham (Lightning)
4th – Wayne Rogers (1 lap down)
5th – Jerry Evans (retired on lap 35)
6th – Mike Clark (retired on lap 27)

Lap Leaders for A Main – Jerry Evans 1-34, Scott Harper 35-85, 87, James Adamson 86.
There is still one race left in the 2014 Season, the 3rd Annual Toys For Tots Race on December the 6th.