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Sunday, April 05, 2015

March 28 Points Race #2 Report

There was another very good turnout with eleven (11) racers present for Points Race #2.

The temperature was abnormally COLD this time of the year with a High of just 58 degrees and the wind was blowing at 10 miles an hour which is about 15-20 degrees off normal. The Racers from other tracks up north were throwing us a curveball and cursed us this weekend.


It was good to see Art Roper back at the track for just his 2nd ¼ Scale race ever.

We continued our preparation for the QSAC NCS#1 and we ran a timed qualifying session.

The top 3 in Timed Qualifying were 1st Scott Harper (TNT) @ 6.251 seconds – Bonus Point for TQ of Qualifying, 2nd Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 6.355 and 3rd Mike Clark (TNT) @ 6.408 seconds. A TNT sweep. 


Group 1 Heat #1 Racers were Tim Smith, Cliff Scales, “Fast” Eddie McCray, Wayne Rogers, James Adamson, and Art Roper.

Heat Results:
1st Tim Smith (Lightning)
2nd Wayne Rogers - 0.337 back
3rd Eddie McCray – 0.609 back
4th Cliff Scales – 2.113 back
5th Art Roper
6th James Adamson

Lap Leaders:
Tim Smith 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Tim Smith (Lightning) in 6.650 seconds.

Tim Smith had this race well in hand until a late caution bringing out a Green, White, Checker Finish, but he would prevail for the Win.
Group 2 Heat #1 Racers were Scott Harper, Jerry Evans, Mike Clark, Eddie Dunn, and David Popham.

Heat Results:
1st Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd Jerry Evans – 0.547 back
3rd Eddie Dunn
4th David Popham
5th Mike Clark

Lap Leaders:
Scott Harper 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Scott Harper (TNT) in 6.293 seconds.

Scott Harper would just dominate this race with only Jerry Evans able to stay on the lead Lap. A late caution kept Jerry in the race but Scott had the car to keep Jerry in 2nd.


Group 1 Heat #2 Racers were inverted and had Art Roper on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Cliff Scales (TNT)
2nd Tim Smith – 0.335 back
3rd Eddie McCray
4th Art Roper
5th James Adamson
6th Wayne Rogers

Lap Leaders:
Art Roper 1
Wayne Rogers 2-3
Eddie McCray 4-7, 9, 17-32
Cliff Scales 8, 10-16, 33-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Eddie McCray (Lightning) in 6.664 seconds.

This was the Race of the Day as “Fast” Eddie McCray & Cliff Scales battled each other very hard with side by side racing, cross over moves and just some great racing. Tim Smith was right behind them waiting for somebody to make a mistake. Eddie lost his handling around lap 33 leaving Tim Smith to catch Cliff Scales. Tim Smith tried to run down Cliff but would come up just short finishing 0.335 seconds behind for 2nd.

Group 2 Heat #2 Racers were inverted and had Eddie Dunn on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd Jerry Evans
3rd Mike Clark
4th Eddie Dunn
5th David Popham – DNS

Lap Leaders:
Eddie Dunn 1-5
Jerry Evans 6-7
Scott Harper 8-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Scott Harper (TNT) in 6.366 seconds.

No one could stay with Scott Harper as he lapped the field which is not something you see with the quality of completion that is here at Lagoon Park Raceway. Scott definitely had his cold weather setup dead on.


Group 1 Heat #3 Racers had Tim Smith on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Cliff Scales (TNT)
2nd Wayne Rogers – 1.302 back
3rd Tim Smith – 1.975 back
4th James Adamson – 3.359 back
5th Art Roper
6th Eddie McCray

Lap Leaders:
Tim Smith 1
Cliff Scales 2-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Cliff Scales (TNT) in 6.636 seconds.

Cliff Scales was the best handling car of this heat even though there were 4 cars on the lead lap. A late caution tighten the field back up but Cliff just drove away from everybody for the win. Wayne Rogers had a great restart (which he is known for) did move up to 2nd on the late race restart dropping Tim Smith to 3rd.


Group 2 Heat #3 Racers had Scott Harper on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd Jerry Evans – 2.050
3rd Mike Clark
4th Eddie Dunn
5th David Popham – DNS

Lap Leaders:
Scott Harper 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Scott Harper (TNT) in 6.341 seconds.

Jerry Evans made some headway and got closer in lap times to Scott Harper but was Jerry was about a tenth off over a long run.

B Main Racers were Eddie Dunn on Pole, Eddie McCray, Art Roper, James Adamson, and David Poham who DNS. Three (3) of the drivers would Bump Up to the A Main.

James Adamson would drop out on Lap 17 leaving the other drivers in the Bump Up positions.
Eddie Dunn would dominate and lap the field.

B Main Results
1st Eddie Dunn (Lightning) - Bump Up
2nd Eddie McCray – Bump Up
3rd Art Roper – Bump Up
4th James Adamson
5th David Popham – DNS

Lap Leaders:
Eddie Dunn 1-47

Fast Lap of the Heat – Eddie Dunn (Lightning) in 6.618 seconds.

A Main lineup

1st – Scott Harper (Bonus Point for TQ of Heats)
2nd – Jerry Evans
3rd – Tim Smith
4th – Cliff Scales
5th – Wayne Rogers
6th – Mike Clark
7th – Eddie Dunn
8th – Eddie McCray
9th – Art Roper

Tim Smith would have problems early and would drop out on lap 27 and would finish 9th.

Two (2) laps later Mike Clark would drop out with mechanical issues on lap 29 finishing 8th.

Scott Harper and Jerry Evans would run 1st and 2nd in order until the halfway fuel stop at lap 75. Cliff Scales would be 3rd, Wayne Rogers 4th, Eddie Dunn 5th, Eddie McCray 6th, and Art Roper 7th. Not much passing action going on. Art Roper was getting some very valuable track time and was making improvement in just his 2nd ever race in ¼ Scale.  

Cold weather was really causing track lap times to climb during the first half and there were also two slight rain delays during the 2nd half of the Main.

But in the 2nd 75 lap segment both Jerry Evans (6.332 on lap 117) and Scott Harper (6.483 on lap 126) ran their fastest lap times. Everyone else also ran their fast lap times laps of the Main.

A late race caution closed the gap between the top 3 and there was a restart on lap 145.  However no one could catch Scott and he would Win the Main and the Bonus Point that goes with winning the Main.

A Main Results
1st – Scott Harper (TNT) (Bonus Point for Win)
2nd – Jerry Evans (TNT) – 0.425 seconds back
3rd – Cliff Scales (TNT) – 3.180 seconds back
4th – Wayne Rogers
5th – Eddie Dunn
6th – “Fast” Eddie McCray
7th – Art Roper
8th – Mike Clark
9th – Tim Smith

Lap Leaders
Scott Harper 1-150

Fast Lap of the Main was by Jerry Evans on lap 117 with a time of 6.332 seconds.

2015 Points Standings Top 3
1st – Cliff Scales (TNT) @ 375 points
1st – Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 375 points
3rd – Eddie Dunn (Lightning) @ 370 points

Complete 2015 Championship Point standings @