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Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 23 Points Race #3 Race Report

A good turnout with nine (9) racers present for Points Race #3. Randy Brown was present for the second race in a row at LPR. Glad to have you here Randy during your travels.

The temperature fairly Hot, but not abnormally for this time of the year.
There was a little bit of a trend today as two racers set their personal best fast lap times.
There was a special presentation to Senior Co-Chair James Adamson by the club and all I can say is I am not worthy, but I want to say thanks to each and every one of the CCRC members and their desire to help others. This is the BEST club in the county bar none.

The top 3 in Timed Qualifying were 1st Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 5.987 seconds – Bonus Point for TQ of Qualifying, 2nd James Adamson (with his new to him Lightning chassis) @ 6.058 seconds (Personal Best Time for James) and 3rd Cliff Scales (TNT) @ 6.061 seconds.

Group 1 Heat #1 Racers were Jerry Evans, James Adamson, Cliff Scales, Mike Clark and Eddie Dunn.

Heat Results:
1st Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd Mike Clark – 2-739 back
3rd James Adamson – 6.249 back
4th Cliff Scales
5th Eddie Dunn

Lap Leaders:
Jerry Evans 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Jerry Evans (TNT) in 6.021 seconds.

Jerry Evans controlled this race with Mike Clark able to hang with Jerry but could not catch him.
Group 2 Heat #1 Racers were Scott Harper, Eddie McCray, David Popham, and Randy Brown.

Heat Results:
1st Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd David Popham – 0.591 back
3rd Eddie McCray
4th Randy Brown

Lap Leaders:
Scott Harper 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Scott Harper (TNT) in 6.190 seconds.

Scott Harper would control this race with David Popham hanging close and the heat would finish under caution.
Group 1 Heat #2 Racers were inverted and had Eddie Dunn on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Cliff Scales (TNT)
2nd James Adamson – 0.694 back
3rd Eddie Dunn – 3.857 back
4th Mike Clark
5th Jerry Evans - DNS

Lap Leaders:
Eddie Dunn 1-22
Cliff Scales 23-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Cliff Scales (TNT) in 6.130 seconds.

Eddie Dunn would hold the lead for the first 22 laps before Cliff Scales moved to first. James got by Eddie on lap 36 and tried to run down Cliff and James was a little quicker and got close, but Cliff ran his two fastest laps on the last two laps (fastest on last lap) to take the win.
Group 2 Heat #2 Racers were inverted and had Randy Brown on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Randy Brown (Lightning)
2nd Eddie McCray
3rd David Popham
4th Scott Harper

Lap Leaders:
Randy Brown 1-5, 13-50
David Popham 6-12

Fast Lap of the Heat – Randy Brown (Lightning) in 6.183 seconds.

Randy’s car was a little loose at the start and David Popham would take the lead for a few laps until Randy’s car started handling. Everyone else would have handling issues and Randy would lap the field for the win.
Group 1 Heat #3 Racers had Jerry Evans on Pole.

Heat Results:
1st Jerry Evans (TNT)
2nd Cliff Scales – 0.549 back
3rd Mike Clark – 0.942 back
4th Eddie Dunn – 1.231 back
5th James Adamson – 1.867 back

Lap Leaders:
Jerry Evans 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Jerry Evans (TNT) in 5.942 seconds.

Evan though Jerry Evans lead all 5o laps this heat race was very competitive as right behind Jerry was the other 4 racers switching 2nd thru 5th on a regular basis and kept pace with Jerry thru-out. Eddie Dunn ran his Personnel Best Lap Time of 5.969 seconds in his Lightning.  A late race caution would finish the heat under caution.

Group 2 Heat #3 Racers had Scott Harper on Pole but he was not able to start.

Heat Results:
1st Randy Brown (Lightning)
2nd David Popham – 5.309 back
3rd Eddie McCray
4th Scott Harper - DNS

Lap Leaders:
Eddie McCray 1-2
David Popham 3-24
Randy Brown 25-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Randy Brown (Lightning) in 6.068 seconds.

Randy Brown took a little while to get to the lead, but once he had it he controlled the balance of the heat. David and Eddie were just above a 1/10 off of Randy times.

The Heats were tabulated and the Bonus Point for TQ of the Heats was awarded to visiting racer Randy Brown.

Scott Harper was not able to start due to mechanical issues.
A Main lineup

1st – Randy Brown (Lightning) - (Bonus Point for TQ of Heats)
2nd – Jerry Evans (TNT)
3rd – Cliff Scales (TNT)
4th – David Popham
5th – Eddie McCray
6th – Mike Clark
7th – Scott Harper [DNS]
8th – James Adamson
9th – Eddie Dunn

Scott Harper was not able to start due to mechanical issues.

Randy Brown would stay out front until lap 22 where Jerry Evans took over 1st.  Other than that there was not much movement between the racers. Mike Clark was the biggest mover up from 6th to 3rd at the half way 75 lap pit stop. Everyone ran their fastest lap in the first 75 lap segment.

Running order at half way was 1st Jerry Evans, 2nd Randy Brown, 3rd Mike Clark, 4th David Popham, 5th Cliff Scales, 6th James Adamson, 7th Eddie Dunn and 8th Eddie McCray.

Even though Randy Brown was 2nd he made adjustments to his car and restarted 7th and quickly made his way back up thru the field and actually took the lead on lap 111 and held it until to lap 123 where Jerry took 1st back.

There were significant changes during the last 25 laps of the Main as everyone tried to make their moves to move up in the order.

1st thru 7th were all on same lap and 2nd thru 7th would all change places with James Adamson being the biggest mover going from 6th to 3rd by the finish.

A late race caution bunched the field up for a Green, White, and Checker finish. There was only one change in the order as Cliff Scales moved up from 5th to 4th.

A Main Results

1st – Jerry Evans (TNT) (Bonus Point for Win)
2nd – Randy Brown (Lightning) – 0.440 back
3rd – James Adamson (Lightning) – 0.997 back
4th – Cliff Scales – 1.949 back
5th – Mike Clark – 2.182 back
6th – David Popham – 2.317 back
7th – Eddie Dunn – 2.700 back
8th – Eddie McCray
9th – Scott Harper - DNS

Lap Leaders
Randy Brown 1-21, 111-122
Jerry Evans 22-110, 123-150

Fast Lap of the Main was by Jerry Evans on lap 31 with a time of 6.078 seconds.

2015 Points Standings Top 3 updated after Points Race #3
1st – Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 575 points
2nd – Cliff Scales (TNT) @ 560 points
3rd – Mike Clark (TNT) @ 545 points