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Friday, November 27, 2015

November 7th Finale’ Points Race # 4 of 4 Report for the 2015 Track Championship

Actually a good turnout for the Finale’ Points Race # 4 of 4 even though the Weather was very threatening with a High Probability of Rain. Randy Brown again made another race at LPR – great to have you here. Got to love his Paint Scheme on his car.

The 2015 Track Championship was on the line although it would take some unusual finishes to effect any of the positions currently held. But you never know with racing and also what if any the Rain that was coming would affect those finishing positions which could cause position changes.


The top 3 in Sportsman Timed Qualifying were 1st Scott Harper (TNT) @ 6.087 seconds, 2nd Jerry Evans (TNT) @ 6.171 seconds and 3rd Mike Clark (TNT) @ 6.212 seconds. Bonus Point for TQ of Timing Qualifying awarded to Scott Harper.

Weather was still looking good at that time.

Sportsman Group 1 Heat #1 Racers were Scott Harper, Jerry Evans, Mike Clark, and Randy Brown.

Heat Results:

1st Scott Harper (TNT)
2nd Jerry Evans
3rd Randy Brown
4th Mike Clark

Lap Leaders:
Scott Harper 1-50

Fast Lap of the Heat – Scott Harper (TNT) in 5.951 seconds.

Scott Harper led all 50 laps of the heat but Jerry Evans stayed right behind Scott with a fast lap of 5.954 seconds – just 3 thousands of a second difference behind Scott’s Fast Lap. The Top 15 for Scott Harper was 6.011 with Jerry’s being 6.055. Scott just would not let Jerry make any moves on him to take 1st and won the race by 0.918 seconds ahead of Jerry Evans. Randy Brown ran a fast lap of 6.016 seconds and a Top 15 of 6.083 and stayed within striking distance of both Scott and Jerry to finish 3rd – 2.466 back. Mike Clark even ran sub 6.1 laps and finished 4th.

Sportsman Group 2 Heat #1 Racers were Eddie Dunn, James Adamson, David Swearengin and Wayne Rogers.

Heat Results:

1st Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
2nd Eddie Dunn – 0.395 back
3rd David Swearengin – 0.761 back
4th James Adamson – 1.456 back

Lap Leaders:
Eddie Dunn 1 – 23
James Adamson 24 – 46
Wayne Rogers 47 - 50

Fast Lap of the Heat – David Swearengin (TNT) in 6.4.06 seconds.

Eddie Dunn would lead almost all of the 1st half of the Heat until James Adamson passed him for 1st coming out of Turn 4 on lap 24. James Adamson would pull away from everybody and built up a half lap lead until a caution on 44 – a caution that James did not want to see. 

On the restart on lap 46 Wayne Rogers got his normally good restart which he is known for and got inside of James going into Turn 3. James and Wayne stayed side by side thru 4 and across the time line going into Turn 1 with Wayne just ahead. 

With James and Wayne running side by side both Eddie Dunn and David Swearengin would get in line behind Wayne Rogers and both would freight train past James Adamson dropping him to 4th where he finished.


In the 20 Minute time between Heats the weather started looking worst all of a sudden and just as Heat 2 Group 1 was starting their warmup laps it began to sprinkle lightly. The cars were pulled from the track and a few minutes later a popup shower hit the track. Behind the shower there was a clear area coming in – maybe the track would not be totally lost.

But fate can be fickle and even though the rain stopped and the track started to dry some Mother Nature said no and it really started to rain and the track was lost for the day.

As per Club Bylaws if two (2) Qualifying Sessions are ran then the results would be official.

Thus the points were awarded as follows:

1st Scott Harper – 200 Points plus 3 Bonus Points
2nd Wayne Rogers - 195 points
3rd Jerry Evans – 190 points
4th Eddie Dunn – 185 points
5th Randy Brown – 180 points
6th David Swearengin – 175 points
7th Mike Clark – 170 points
8th James Adamson – 165 points

How would these results effect the 2015 Track Championship for Lagoon Park RC Raceway?

Actually a couple of the positions got closer but there was not any changes for position.

Official 2015 Track Championship Results:

The 2015 Track Champion for Lagoon Park RC Raceway is:

Jerry Evans (TNT) – Congratulations to Jerry.

Awards are given to the Top 5 in the Sportsman class:
2nd Scott Harper (TNT)
3rd Wayne Rogers (Lightning)
4th James Adamson (Lightning)
5th Eddie Dunn (Lightning)

To see all the Point Standings for the Track Championship: