Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Saturday, February 06, 2016


This year’s meeting was called to order by Outgoing Senior Co-Chair James Adamson whom after a few statements turned the meeting over to Incoming Senior Co-Chair Wayne Rogers. 

Wayne did not allow for any workday in his 2016 racing schedule due to circumstances beyond the Club’s control. The members were asked if any problems existed that they knew of, that needed attention?

Work Items: A. The Soft wall in front of the Marlin Wade Timing hut needs attention. That's because of some broken boards or the Fill line Black Pipe may be cracked. Wayne said during the February test & tune it would be looked at to determine what repairs would be made.

            Treasurer's Report: Presented by Treasurer David Popham. The 2015 Financial Report was accepted and will be amended for 2016.

 Amendment: Scott Harper brought up this idea. Since LPR was not hosting a NCS race event in the 2016 racing year, to offset the loss of income, his idea was to drop the lawn service contract that cost $1,200.00 per year for the 2016 racing season. Have the club purchase a self- propelled lawn mower and cut inside the fence area ourselves. This idea was discussed at length and a vote was taken for the motion. The gas of choice will be VP Small Engine Fuel! Mike Clark will bring the first 5 gallon can. The motion carried by 8 voting members.

Membership: Still need to be a QSAC member to race at LPR this year. The $50.00 membership fees will be split again between the club and QSAC membership.

Track Sanctions: For the 2016 year the club will provide QSAC track sanctioning.

Call for 2016 Elections: Nominations for In-Coming Jr. Co-Chair, Tim Smith was nominated and was elected by a show of hands.

David Popham & Mike Clark will carry on in their respective jobs as Treasurer and Secretary.

James Adamson will carry on as LPR Multimedia Specialist.

Points Scoring 2016: The 2015 scoring system will be used again in 2016.

Racing Schedule: The 2016 racing schedule is carried as is, No changes!

Man Up Rule: man up rule was carried over to 2016.
 Lucky Dog Rule: The Lucky Dog Rule was voted down (6 to 4) and will not be used this year.

 Classes: Limited Sportsman Trophy Class (3) 35 lap qualifiers , (1) 100 Lap Mains, 75 lap – fuel – 25 lap shoot out.

Sportsman Trophy Class (3) 50 Lap Qualifiers, (1) 150 Lap Main.

As far as other classes still takes three (3) cars to make a class, no trophy!

Mandatory Technical Inspection: 1st Points Race of the Year - 2016 Technical Committee from 2015 will be inspectors.

Sportsman Rules: Discussions for the 3 spin rule. The intentions of the Co-Chairs are to keep the flow of the race consistent when entertaining the three spin rule during all racing at Lagoon Park Raceway. The three (3) spin rule will be used at the discretion of the Race or Competition Director at the time of the race. Any car in a race that is spinning out unaided will be directed to take their car to the pits for a Mandatory adjustment after the third spin. If a car is that loose it is a danger to all who race with you. No one wants to take home a damaged car! Also a spinning car is not a competitive car either. Our goal is for all the racers at LPR to have an enjoyable time while racing!

Unaided spins: 
 1. Looping your car off of turn two (2) or turn four (4).
 2. Spinning out going into turn one (1) or turn three (3).

Standard 50 lap Qualifier For Spin 1, You may be able to write off as cold tires? For Spin 2, I would be in the pits wrenching on my car! For Spin 3, You will be Directed to the pits for that Mandatory Adjustment! For Spin 4, You will be asked to remove your car from the race for repairs!

2015 Sportsman Championship Series - 1. Jerry Evans, 2. Scott Harper, 3. Wayne Rogers, 4. James Adamson, 5. Eddie Dunn - Congratulations racers. Trophies Presented by Senior Co-Chair James Adamson.

Meeting adjourned. 

Mike Clark - Secretary