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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Revised 2017 Schedule Updated

The revised schedule for 2017 has been updated as it was not changed earlier due to oversight. The following are the changes as agreed upon.

Complete 2017 Schedule

May 13th -- Points Race #4  (12:00 Noon start) 
May 27th -- Non Points  (12:00 Noon start)

June 10th -- Points Race #5 (2:00 PM start)
June 24th -- Points Race #6 (2:00 PM start)

July 8th -- Non Points Race (2:00 PM start)

July 17-21 National Championship Race; Lakeside Speedway, Clover, SC

As a reminder the changes were made to keep the Non Point Races between the QSAC National Championship Race week.