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Saturday, July 15, 2017

7/8/17 2017 Track Championship Points Race #6 Report sponsored by Oak Mountain Hobbies

2017 Track Championship Points Race #6 on July 8th had 21 entries across 4 Classes, a fantastic turnout!

Earlier in the week the mother of Tim and Greg Smith passed away. The Club Members had a vote, unknown to Tim and Greg, and it was decided that the race for the weekend would be held in honor of Mary Frances Mashburn Smith. The Capitol City Racing Club at Lagoon Park Raceway also voted to deposit the entry fees for this race in her name to her favorite charity Lifeline which is an organization for the adoption of children. Tim shared a wonderful story about their mother that was a blessing.  Both Tim and Greg thanked all the members of CCRC and Lagoon Park for their support and friendship.

After the driver’s meeting the racing began.

Of the three entries Clay Jones would TQ Timed Qualifying with a time of 6.711 seconds in his Lightning.

In the Heats new racer Kevin Bennett would take both of the Wins, the 1st by 0.752 seconds and the 2nd he finished by himself.  Fast lap for Heat #1 was Kevin Bennett with a time of 6.726 seconds and in the 2nd Heat Kevin had a time of 6.396 seconds.

In the Main Kevin Bennett would continue his winning ways take the Win with a fast lap of 6.654 seconds. Finishing 2nd was another new racer Billy Parker 1 lap down and 3rd was Clay Jones.

Limited Sportsman:
Five Limited Sportsman racers went out for Timed Qualifying and Scott Meadows in his Lightning would TQ with a time of 6.161.

In the Heats Scott Meadows Won both heats, the 1st by just 0.255 seconds over Wade Carlee and the 2nd by 3.379 seconds over Wade.  Fast lap for Heat #1 was Wade Carlee with a time of 6.200 seconds and in the 2nd Heat Scott Meadows had a time of 6.221 seconds.

In the Main it was still the Scott and Wade show. They had good close racing thru-out the Main.  Scott Meadows dropped back to 4th as late on lap 48 out of 100. Scott would work his way back thru traffic and take the lead back on lap 54. From there Scott Meadows would go on to Win the Main by 1.177 seconds over Wade Carlee. Scott had the fast lap of 6.219 seconds. Finishing 3rd was Greg Smith, 4th Ray Jones and 5th was Michael Morgan.

Super Truck:
The Super Trucks had five racers entered.  Timed Qualifying TQ was by Jerry Evans in his Lightning with a time of 6.356 seconds.

Jerry Evans would Win both Heats lapping the field both times.  Fast lap for Heat #1 was by Jerry Evans with a time of 6.114 seconds and in the 2nd Heat Jerry had a time of 6.185 seconds.

In the Main Jerry Evans would continue his domination of this class. The Super Trucks have been some of the most competitive races all year long but today the other racers had handling issues all day long and that continued in this Main. Jerry Evans would Win the Main with a fast lap of 6.186 seconds. David Swearengin would finish 2nd, 3rd was Eddie McCray, 4th was Eddie Dunn and 5th was Robert Green.

The Sportsman class had eight racers entered.  Timed Qualifying TQ was by Jerry Evans in his TNT with a time of 5.939 seconds.

There was some fantastic close racing in the Sportsman class during the heats!

Sportsman Group #1 Heat #1:  Wayne Rogers and James Adamson had quite a battle for the Win with James keeping the pressure on Wayne lap after lap staying right behind Wayne without forcing the issue and Wayne would finally slide up a little coming out of turn 2 and James would go underneath Wayne and take the Win on a last lap pass finishing 0.367 seconds ahead of Wayne! Fast lap of the Heat was by James Adamson in his Lightning with a time of 6.292 seconds.

Sportsman Group #2 Heat #1:  Scott Harper in his backup Lightning would take the Win in this Heat by 1.721 seconds. Jerry Evans would hold Scott off for the first 45 laps until Scott Harper got past Jerry.  Jerry fought back trying to retake the lead but pushed too hard and gave up another spot to David Swearengin with 2 laps to go. Both David and Jerry finished on the lead lap. Jerry Evans had the fast lap of the Heat with a time of 5.929 seconds.

Sportsman Group #1 Heat #2:  With the field inverted James Adamson had to work his way up thru traffic. James again showed some patience and took his time moving up thru the field. James Adamson would take over 1st on lap 37 and go on to Win by 3.966 seconds over Tim Smith.  Tim Smith and Wayne Rogers would battle to the finish line for 2nd with Tim Smith holding on to that spot by just 0.058 seconds! Fast lap of the Heat was by James Adamson with a time of 6.262 seconds.

Sportsman Group #2 Heat #2:  This time the battle was basically between Scott Harper and Jerry Evans. Scott Harper moved all the way to 1st by lap 10 with Jerry Evans in tow. Jerry Evans threw in a fast lap of the Heat time on lap 27 of 5.893 seconds! Try as he might but Jerry could not make and complete a pass for the lead. Scott Harper would take the Win. Again there was some fantastic close racing in this Heat.

 Sportsman Main:  In the Main for the longest time it was a Scott Harper and Jerry Evans show. Jerry moved up to 1st on lap 70 but would give the lead back to Scott Harper on lap 75 right at the halfway pit stop. From there Scott Harper would pull away even though Jerry Evans would set fast lap time of the Main on lap 111 of 5.938 seconds. Scott’s fast lap time was 6.963 on lap 113.

Scott Harper put everybody multiple laps down and took the Win. Jerry Evans would finish 2nd on a lap by himself. Wayne Rogers and James Adamson fought for 3rd from lap 45 until the end. James was a little better on the restarts but Wayne was a little better on the long runs and Wayne Rogers would finish 3rd 0.995 seconds ahead 4th place James Adamson. 5th was David Swearengin who loss some laps in the pits on lap 38 with some kind of problem, 6th was Mike Clark, 7th Tim Smith who went out with mechanical issues after taking a hard hit during an on track incident, and 8th was Woody Trimble.

What a great day of racing filled with a lot of wonderful fellowship between all the drivers.

Timing & Scoring has yet to be posted.