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2014 QSAC NCS Series presented by QS Components Race #1 Report

April 25-26 –QSAC NCS Race #1 
Hosted by
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Attention Racers!

If you plan on attending the 2014 QSAC NCS Race here at LPR we ask that you please pay attention to the following diagram for parking and pitting.

If you are coming in an RV or Motorhome we ask that you do not plug into the track power as we do not have the service to accommodate these large draws on the power.

QSAC Special Announcements

NEW 2014 Qualifying Format
There is a new qualifying format being used at the 2014 NCS Races. This format will replace the old "Single Car Qualifying" format used in races past. This has been implemented not only to induce a little change in the Race Day but hopefully to streamline the Race Day. Read about it on page 7&14 in the 2014 QSAC Rulebook.

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NCS #1 Race Results

Timed Qualifying Results
                                             Fast Lap
1>Todd Holloway              5.755
2>JR Parsley                       5.774
3>Randy Baker                  5.817
4>Mike Sadler                   5.857
5>David Scott                    6.062
6>Fred Murry                    6.065
7>Kevin Ligon                    6.067
8>Mike Miller                    6.113
9>Larry Hopson                 6.175
Round 1 Group 1
                                            Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15  
1>Todd Holloway             35           5.989                     6.115
2>David Scott                    35          6.224                     6.300
3>Kevin Ligon                    35          6.144                     6.311
4>Randy Baker                  31          6.434                     6.849
5>Larry Hopson                   3          7.068
Round 1 Group 2
1>Mike Sadler                   35           5.981                     6.082
2>JR Parsley                       35           6.121                     6.187
3>Fred Murray                  35           6.098                     6.229
4>Mike Miller                    34           6.129                     6.304
Round 2 Group 1
1>Todd Holloway             35          5.993                     6.109
2>Randy Baker                  35         6.140                     6.230
3>Larry Hopson                35          6.316                     6.393
4>Kevin Ligon                    35          6.254                     6.361
5>David Scott                    34          6.374                     6.467
Round 2 Group 2
1>Mike Sadler                   35           6.237                     6.402
2>Fred Murray                  35           6.357                     6.702
3>JR Parsley                       35           6.644                     6.858
4>Mike Miller                    35           6.684                     6.913
Sprint A Main                   Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>Randy Baker                 100         5.886                     5.999     5
2>Todd Holloway             100         5.809                     5.974     1
3>Mike Sadler                   99           5.900                     5.992     2
4>JR Parsley                       98           6.119                     6.181     3
5>David Scott                    98           6.090                     6.278     6
6>Fred Murray                  96           6.099                     6.236     4
7>Mike Miller                    96           6.255                     6.316     8
8>Larry Hopson                 95           6.196                     6.273     9
9>Kevin Ligon                    33           6.219                     6.440     7
Timed Qualifying Results
                                            Fast Lap
1>Robert Belonga            6.130
2>James Adamson           6.229
3>Eddie Dunn                   6.333
4>Wayne Rogers              6.383
5>Alex Livingston             6.504
Round 1
                                           Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15
1>James Adamson          35           6.152                     6.332
2>Robert Belonga           35           6.375                     6.517
3>Eddie Dunn                  34           6.376                     6.649
4>Alex Livingston            33           6.500                     6.706
5>Wayne Rogers             DNS
Round 2
1>James Adamson          35           6.662                     7.033
2>Wayne Rogers             35           6.822                     7.267
3>Robert Belonga           35           6.682                     8.027
4>Alex Livingston            35           7.243                     8.054
5>Eddie Dunn                  35           6.828                     7.228
Novice A Main                Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>James Adamson          75           6.156                     6.279     1
2>Robert Belonga           75           6.125                     6.289     2
3>Eddie Dunn                  75           6.382                     6.514     5
4>Wayne Rogers             74           6.499                     6.625     3
5>Alex Livingston            43           6.742                     6.844     4

Timed Qualifying Results
                                             Fast Lap
1>Mike Little                      5.888
2>Matt Hilber                    5.906
3>Dave Raber                    5.929
4>Scott Harper                  5.965
5>Allen Johnson                6.018
6>Jerry Evans                     6.028
7>Frank Boling                   6.045
8>Greg Hilber                     6.089
9>Bubba Coker                  6.125
10>David Popham            6.161
11>Raymond Johnson     6.193
12>Mike Clark                   6.211
13>Davis Scott                  6.266
14>Tim Smith                    6.298
15>Terry Isaac                   6.347
16>Tim Sunde                   6.452
17>Randy Brown              7.604
Round 1 Group 1
                                             Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15
1>Mike Little                      50           6.036                     6.178
2>Scott Harper                  50           6.059                     6.169
3>Frank Boling                   50           6.125                     6.280
4>David Scott                     50           6.288                     6.370
5>David Popham               50           6.119                     6.358
6>Tim Sunde                      48           6.346                     6.507
Round 1 Group 2
1>Matt Hilber                    50           6.131                     6.213
2>Randy Brown                 50           6.080                     6.216
3>Greg Hilber                    50           6.057                     6.239
4>Allen Johnson                50           6.163                     6.243
5>Raymond Johnson        49           6.158                     6.248
6>Tim Smith                       49           6.303                     6.448
Round 1 Group 3
1>Jerry Evans                    50           6.115                     6.223
2>Dave Raber                    50           6.131                     6.224
3>Terry Isaac                     50           6.302                     6.462
4>Mike Clark                     45           6.683                     6.806
5>Bubba Coker                 31           6.339                     6.509
Round 2 Group 1
1>David Scott                    50           6.360                     6.436
2>Scott Harper                 50           6.188                     6.336
3>Mike Little                     50           6.242                     6.403
4>Frank Boling                  50           6.400                     6.506
5>David Popham              50           6.461                     6.551
6>Tim Sunde                     49           6.520                     6.638
Round 2 Group 2
1>Greg Hilber                   50           6.196                     6.341
2>Matt Hilber                   50           6.117                     6.270
3>Allen Johnson               50           6.143                     6.245
4>Tim Smith                      50           6.283                     6.439
5>Raymond Johnson       48           6.172                     6.293    
6>Randy Brown                DNS
Round 2 Group 3
1>Jerry Evans                    50           6.426                     6.524
2>Dave Raber                   50           6.314                     6.484
3>Mike Clark                    49           6.801                     6.832
4>Bubba Coker                  8           11.625                  
5>Terry Isaac                    DNS
Sportsman C Main           Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>Tim Smith                       75           6.408                     6.471     4 Bump up to B Main
2>Tim Sunde                      75           6.394                     6.490     5 Bump up to B Main
3>Raymond Johnson        75           6.328                     6.439     3 Bump up to B Main
4>David Popham               74           6.522                     6.577     2 Bump up to B Main
5>Bubba Coker                  71           6.540                     6.655     1
Sportsman B Main           Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>Randy Brown                 75           6.131                     6.204     6 Bump up to A Main
2>Allen Johnson                75           6.139                     6.254     2 Bump up to A Main
3>David Scott                    75           6.211                     6.288     1 Bump up to A Main
4>Frank Boling                  75           6.223                     6.293     3 Bump up to A Main
5>Tim Smith                      74           6.189                     6.273     7
6>Terry Isaac                     73           6.272                     6.347     5
7>Tim Sunde                     73           6.316                     6.377     8
8>Raymond Johnson       65           6.161                     6.288     9
9>David Popham              63           6.214                     6.278     10
10>Mike Clark                  DNS                                                       4
Sportsman A Main          Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>Scott Harper                 200         5.920                     5.963     5
2>Matt Hilber                   200         5.828                     5.915     2
3>Jerry Evans                    200         6.015                     6.071     1
4>Mike Little                     199         5.949                     6.038     3
5>Frank Boling                  197         6.096                     6.142     10
6>Randy Brown                192         5.988                     6.118     7
7>Allen Johnson               191         6.074                     6.118     8
8>David Scott                    167         6.102                     6.238     9
9>Dave Raber                    143         6.000                     6.058     2
10>Greg Hilber                  DNS                                                       6
East Coast Modified
Timed Qualifying Results
                             Fast Lap
1>Matt Hilber              5.942
2>Frank Boling             5.963
3>Todd Holloway        5.983
4>Dave Pirrelio            6.061
5>Keith Barnes            6.097
6>Mike Sadler              6.108
7>Jim Wolfe                 6.417
8>Eddie McCray          6.733
9>Randy Baker            7.608
10>Butch Smith           DNQ
Round 1 Group 1
                                            Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15
1>Todd Holloway             50           6.162                     6.254
2>Matt Hilber                   50           6.224                     6.332
3>Keith Barnes                 49           6.290                     6.375
4>Randy Baker                 48           6.510                     6.603
5>Jim Wolfe                      10           6.575
Round 1 Group 2
1>Frank Boling                  50           6.088                     6.231
2>Mike Sadler                   50           6.152                     6.316
3>Dave Pirrelio                 14           6.771
4>Butch Smith                  12           6.885
5>Eddie McCray               DNS
Round 2 Group 1
1>Keith Barnes                 50           6.572                     6.664
2>Todd Holloway             50           6.407                     6.479
3>Jim Wolfe                      48           6.669                     6.843
4>Randy Baker                 47           6.841                     7.010
5>Matt Hilber                   DNS
Round 2 Group 2
1>Frank Boling                  50           6.229                     6.409
2>Mike Sadler                   50           6.431                     6.522
3>Dave Pirrelio                 49           6.639                     6.723
4>Butch Smith                  DNS
5>Eddie McCray               DNS
East Coast A Main           Laps       Fast Lap                Top 15   Car
1>Todd Holloway             200         5.974                     6.008     2
2>Frank Boling                  199         5.957                     6.011     1
3>Keith Barnes                 199         6.150                     6.188     3
4>Butch Smith                  198         6.217                     6.265     7
5>Randy Baker                 193         6.162                     6.247     9
6>Mike Sadler                  175         6.033                     6.114     4
7>Jim Wolfe                        83         6.493                     6.710     8
8>Dave Pirrelio                   77         6.169                     6.274     5
9>Matt Hilber                    DNS                                                      6
10>Eddie McCray              DNS                                                      10

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Race Report

The Stars and Future Stars of QSAC descended upon Lagoon Park RC Raceway for the QSAC NCS #1 presented by QS Components and hosted by the Capitol City Racing Club to start the drive to the QSAC Championship last week.
For many it was a time to throw off the long, cold winter and get their cars back on the track, smell that racing fuel and experience only the thrill that racing can bring. So it was only fitting that the 1st race of the year was in the Deep South and in Montgomery, AL at Lagoon Park RC Raceway.
With the sound of “Sweet Home Alabama” filling their heads, along with the wonderful 85 degree weather, caused all the driver’s pulse rates to increase with the anticipation of the start of the 1st NCS race of the year.
Racers starting arriving as early as Tuesday, along with the vast majority arriving on Wednesday evening to start setting up their cars all day Thursday to lead to the official opening day on Friday. It was evident quite early on that any rust anybody had was not going to last long as the practice times dropped dramatically in just a few short laps and that was not to be unexpected with the quality of the competition that was attending this opening race. Current Champions of QSAC, Past Champions and some of the best oval racers in the nation were here.
This was a week of firsts in many ways. New Bodies, New Chassis, New parts on all the cars, drivers moving up in Classes and/or trying new Classes, anyone seeing a trend here?
QSAC itself was starting new firsts, which included New Timed Qualifying, New Points System, a New Class that drew a lot of attention during the off-season – East Coast Modified, and the big announcement made just a few weeks before this race the kickoff of QSAC Live!
Fridays Results:
Pre-tech and registration on Friday proceeded as planned. There were 41 entrants to this 1st race of the season. Entries included Nine (9) Sprint Cars, Five (5) Novice, Seventeen (17) Sportsman and a full field Ten (10) East Coast Modified.
Open practice got underway and the times were impressive. Being a new class the East Coast Modifier’s were learning the ends and outs of the new car and look for their times to continue to get lower and lower.
There was some delay on getting the Controlled Practices started as LPR was trying to coordinate with QSAC and QSAC Live! to help it meet its maximum potential as it worked on some growing pain and learning curve issues. Also since several drivers that were working on QSAC Live! were going to lose practice time it was agreed to delay the start time to keep track time equable. QSAC & LPR appreciated everyone’s patience and understanding for those delays and from the feedback that was given from QSAC Live! coming later in the evening and especially on the day of the Mains, the delay was worth the wait.
The first Control Practice got under way for all four Classes and then the Second Control Practice as per the New Timed Qualifying Format was held.
Sprint Cars: The Top Three (3) Fast Laps were set by Todd Holloway in his Predator with a time of 5.755 seconds. Just .019 seconds back was JR Parsley in his WCM with a time of 5.774 seconds and 3rd was Randy Baker in his WHIP at 5.817 seconds.
Novice: The Top Three (3) Fast Laps were set by Robert Belonga in his Vision with a time of 6.130 seconds. James Adamson in his PRO1 was 2nd at 6.229 seconds followed by Eddie Dunn in a Lightning with a time of 6.333 seconds.
Sportsman: The Top Three (3) Fast Laps were set by Mike Little in his Vision with a time of 5.888 seconds. Just .018 seconds back was Matt Hilber in his Vision with a time of 5.906 seconds and 3rd was Dave Raber in his Vision at 5.929 seconds.
ECM: The Top Three (3) Fast Laps were set by Matt Hilber in his Vision with a time of 5.942 seconds. Just .021 seconds back was Frank Boling in his TNT with a time of 5.963 seconds and 3rd was Todd Holloway in a TNT also under six seconds with a time of 5.983 seconds.
The driver’s meeting was next along with the Parade of Cars, and the Best of Show (Concourse) Judging. The Parade of Cars is one of the most awe inspiring sights just seeing all those wonderful looking cars in the different Classes all on the track at once! The Concourse Judging was so very difficult with all the new cars and their new bodies to say the least.

Concourse Winners:              
Sprint Car- Mike Sadler           
Novice – Robert Belonga                                                                                                                                  Sportsman – Dave Raber                                                                
ECM – Jim Wolfe
Round 1 of Heats:
Sprint Car
Group 1 – The lineup for was 1st Todd Holloway, 2nd Randy Baker, 3rd David Scott, 4th Kevin Ligon, and 5th Larry Hopson.  Randy Baker dropped to the back to start the race working on tires. Todd Holloway stayed out front for the entire 35 lap heat with a fast lap of 5.989 seconds in his Predator on lap 24. David Scott finished 2nd just 3.309 seconds behind followed by Kevin Ligon 3rd on the same lap 5.124 behind. Randy Baker was 4th and Larry Hopson 5th out early with mechanical issues.
Group 2 - Had JR Parsley on point, Mike Sadler 2nd, Fred Murry 3rd, and Mike Miller 4th. Mike Sadler passed JR Parsley for 1st on lap 4 and held that position for the balance of the heat to take the Win with a fast lap of 5.981 seconds in his Predator on lap 17. JR Parsley finished 2nd 2.130 seconds back followed by Fred Murry finishing 3rd 3.781 back with Mike Miller 4th.
Robert Belonga was on pole, with James Adamson 2nd, Eddie Dunn 3rd, Wayne Rogers 4th but DNS, and Alex Livingston 5th. James Adamson passed Robert Belonga for 1st on lap 5 and went on to take the Win in his PRO1 with a fast lap of 6.152 seconds on lap 15. Robert Belonga was 2nd on the lead lap 4.327 seconds back, with Eddie Dunn 3rd followed by Alex Livingston coming home 4th.
Group 1 - Had Mike Little on point, Scott Harper 2nd, Frank Boling 3rd, David Popham 4th, David Scott 5th and Tim Sunde 6th. Mike Little led the first 24 laps until he was passed by Scott Harper on lap 25. It took Mike Little in his Vision chassis 17 laps to get back to 1st on lap 42, which was also the fast lap of the heat timed at 6.036 seconds. A late caution tighten up the field but Mike held on for the Win finishing .109 seconds ahead of Scott Harper in 2nd. Frank Boling was 3rd .384 back, David Scott 4th .606 back, David Popham 5th .796 back and Tim Sunde finished 6th.
 Group 2 – Matt Hilber was on pole, Allen Johnson 2nd, Greg Hilber 3rd, Raymond Johnson 4th, Tim Smith 5th, and Randy Brown 6th. Matt Hilber in his Vision led all 50 laps. Randy Brown started 6th and made his way up to 2nd by lap 30 and finished .337 seconds back. Greg Hilber came home 3rd .728 seconds back and had the fast lap of the heat on lap 26 with a time of 6.057 seconds. Allen Johnson also was on the lead lap finishing 4th. Raymond Johnson was 5th and Tim Smith came home 6th.
Group 3 – Starting in Pole Position was Dave Raber, 2nd Jerry Evans, 3rd Bubba Coker, 4th Mike Clark, and 5th Terry Isaac. Dave Raber led the first 35 laps where he was passed by Jerry Evans. Jerry held the lead for ten (10) laps until Dave got under Jerry to take the point back on lap 46. Jerry tucked back behind Dave and on lap 49 got better traction coming out of turn 4 to make the pass and take the Win in his TNT. Jerry Evans also had the fast lap of 6.115 seconds on lap 16. Dave Raber finished 2nd .416 seconds behind, Terry Isaac was 3rd 5.247 seconds back, Mike Clark was 4th, and Bubba Coker finished 5th.
Group 1 – First time as a QSAC Class this group had Matt Hilber on point, Todd Holloway 2nd, Keith Barnes 3rd, Jim Wolfe 4th and Randy Baker 5th. Todd Holloway took over first from Matt Hilber on lap 3, had fast lap of heat on lap 35 with a time of 6.162 seconds and held the top spot for the balance of the 50 laps taking the Win in his TNT. Matt Hilber finished 2nd 2.560 seconds back. Keith Barnes was 3rd, Randy Baker 4th and Jim Wolfe out on lap 10 with mechanical issues.
Group 2 – Frank Boling was on point, Dave Pirrelio 2nd, Mike Sadler 3rd, Eddie McCray 4th DNS, and Butch Smith was 5th. An accident damaged both Dave Pirrelio’s and Butch Smith’s cars and they could not continue. This left Frank and Mike to battle it out for the win. Frank was just a tick faster and slowly pulled away. Frank Boling lead all 50 laps, and had fast lap of the heat with a time of 6.088 seconds in his TNT. Mike Sadler was 2nd 5.876 seconds back, Dave Pirrelio was 3rd, and Butch Smith finished 4th.
Round 2 of Heats:
This round started in the late afternoon and continued into the evening and the track began cooling down and some of the times reflected the changing track conditions. The drivers most effected by the change were the Novice drivers as they have the least amount of experience in knowing what adjustments to make to cope with the changes. All heats were inverted from Round 1.
Sprint Car
Group 1 – Larry Hopson led the first 14 laps of the heat until he was caught and passed by Todd Holloway and Todd went on to Win the 35 lap heat in his Predator. Randy Baker got by Larry late in the race to take 2nd finishing 4.022 seconds back. Larry Hopson was 3rd 5.190 back, 4th was Kevin Ligon 5.619 back and David Scott came home 5th. Todd had fast lap at 5.993 seconds on lap 19.
Group 2 – Mike Miller held the lead for 3 laps with Fred Murry taking 1st from laps 4 thru 20. Mike Sadler passed Fred and led the final 15 laps to take the 35 lap heat win in his Predator. All of the drivers finished on the same lap with Fred Murry 2nd, JR Parsley 3rd, and Mike Miller 4th. Mike Sadler had the fast lap of the heat in 6.237 seconds.
Alex Livingston led the first 9 laps of the heat where Eddie Dunn took over 1st from laps 10-12. James Adamson got around Eddie coming out of turn four to take over the lead and James held that lead thru the balance of the 35 lap heat for the win in his Pro1.  Wayne Rogers came home 2nd .739 seconds behind, Robert Belonga was 3rd 1.354 back, Alex Livingston was 4th 2.153 back and Eddie Dunn finished 5th 2.585 seconds back. Fast lap of the heat was by James Adamson at 6.662 seconds.
Group 1 – Tim Sunde led the first lap and was passed by David Scott who held that lead for the final 49 laps to take the win of the heat in his Gramcracker. Scott Harper worked his way up thru the field to finish 2nd 1.980 seconds back, 3rd was Mike Little 3.865 back, 4th Frank Boling 4.997 back, 5th David Popham 6.423 back, and Tim Sunde came home 6th. Fast lap was by Scott Harper with a lap time of 6.188 seconds.
Group 2 – Tim Smith led the first 2 laps until passed by Raymond Johnson who led the next twenty laps. Greg Hilber in a Vision took over and led the balance of 28 remaining laps to take the heat win. Matt Hilber finished 2nd right behind Greg and also had the fast lap of the heat in a time of 6.117 seconds. 3rd was Allen Johnson, 4th Tim Smith, 5th Raymond Johnson all on the same lap. Randy Brown 6th DNS.
Group 3 – Mike Clark led the first lap and was passed by Jerry Evans on lap 2. Jerry Evans would hold first thru-out the balance of the 50 lap heat in his TNT. 2nd was Dave Raber 3.501 back, Dave also had the fast lap of the heat in a time of 6.314 seconds, 3rd was Mike Clark, 4th was Bubba Coker who went out early with mechanical issues, and 5th Terry Isaac DNS.
Group 1 – Jim Wolfe led the first 3 laps. Todd Holloway led laps 4 thru 27 where he was passed by Keith Barnes who would hold a hard charging Todd Holloway off for the final 23 laps to take the Heat Win by .115 seconds in his Lightning. Todd Holloway finished 2nd, Jim Wolfe was 3rd, Randy Baker 4th, and Matt Hilber 5th DNS. Fast lap of the heat was by Todd Holloway in a time of 6.407 seconds.
Group 2 – Mike Sadler led laps 1 thru 19. Frank Boling took over 1st and led the final 31 laps to take the Heat Win in his TNT, Frank also had the fast lap of the Heat in a time of 6.229 seconds. 2nd was Mike Sadler 5.688 back, and 3rd was Dave Pirrelio. Butch Smith 4th and Eddie McCray both DNS.
Saturdays Results:
The Heats were tabulated and the Mains were set and posted. There was a round of open practice and then a controlled practice. The Top 4 cars from each A Main would be impounded for Post-Race Tech with the winner of each Class have an Engine teardown and inspection to verify that engine specs were met.
Right as the driver’s meeting was finishing up there was a Full-Size AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter Gunship and its’ support Helicopter Flyover in formation right over the driver’s stand and racetrack, what a great way to start the Mains.
Quarter Scale Components TQ Awards:
Sprint Car:   Todd Holloway          (Predator)
Novice:        James Adamson        (PRO1)
Sportsman: Jerry Evans                 (TNT)
ECM:            Todd Holloway           (TNT)
Sportsman C Main
The first of the Bump Up Mains had Bubba Coker on point, David Popham 2nd, Raymond Johnson 3rd, Tim Smith 4th and Tim Sunde 5th for the 75 Lap C Main. The top four (4) would bump up to the B Main.  Bubba Coker led laps 1 thru 26 until passed for the first by David Popham. David led laps 27 thru 37 where Tim Smith took over first.  Tim Smith in his Lightning led the final thirty-eight (38) laps to Win the C Main, followed by Tim Sunde 2nd 2.376 seconds back, 3rd was Raymond Johnson 3.449 back, in the final transfer position was David Popham 4th, with Bubba Coker finishing 5th. Fast lap of the C Main was by Raymond Johnson on Lap 65 with a time of 6.328 seconds.
Sprints A Main
On Pole from TQ of the Heats was Todd Holloway in his Predator, 2nd was Mike Sadler, 3rd JR Parsley, 4th Fred Murray, 5th Randy Baker, 6th David Scott, 7th Kevin Ligon, 8th Mike Miller, 9th Larry Hopson. Length of the A Main would be 100 Laps with a fuel stop at lap 75.
Randy Baker showed some early speed and moved up to 3rd by lap 6. Kevin Ligon left the race at lap 33 finishing 9th, and Todd Holloway led all of the first 75 laps to the fuel stop.
At the fuel stop the order was Todd Holloway 1st, Mike Sadler 2nd, Randy Baker 3rd, JR Parsley 4th, David Scott 5th, Fred Murry 6th, Mike Miller 7th, and Larry Hopson 8th.
After the restart with with 22 laps remaining, Randy Baker got past both Mike Sadler and Todd Holloway to take the lead, with Todd dropping to 3rd behind Mike. All of the drivers ran their fastest lap of the Main in the last 15 laps with Todd Holloway running a 5.809. Todd got past Mike for 2nd on lap 93.  Randy Baker took the Win of the A Main in his WHIP by .243 seconds over 2nd place Todd Holloway, with Mike Sadler 3rd, JR Parsley 4th, David Scott 5th, Fred Murry 6th, Mike Miller 7th and Larry Hopson 8th.
Sportsman B Main
The B Main was scheduled for 75 Laps with the top 4 bumping up to the A Main. David Scott started 1st, Allen Johnson 2nd, Frank Boling 3rd, Mike Clark 4th (DNS), Terry Isaac 5th, Randy Brown 6th, Tim Smith 7th, Tim Sunde 8th, Raymond Johnson 9th and David Popham 10th. 
David Scott led laps 1 thru 16, until Randy Brown who had worked his way from 6th took over 1st. Allen Johnson moved up to 2nd on lap 34. The order settled down with Randy Brown out front, Allen Johnson 2nd, David Scott 3rd and Frank Boling 4th. David Popham moved up to 5th and kept trying to catch Frank for the final transfer position. The top five all ran their fast laps between laps 55 & 60. On Lap 63 David Popham pulled his car off the track with mechanical issues and that solidified the transfer positions.
Randy Brown in his Gramcracker would win the B Main, followed by Allen Johnson .250 seconds back for 2nd, 3rd was David Scott .626 back, 4th in the final transfer position was Frank Boling 2.411 back, 5th Tim Smith, 6th Terry Isaac, 7th Tim Sunde, 8th Raymond Johnson, 9th David Popham and 10th Mike Scott DNS. Fast Lap of the B Main was Randy Brown with a 6.131 second lap.
Novice A Main
The Novice A Main was 75 laps and had James Adamson on Pole, Robert Belonga 2nd, Wayne Rogers 3rd, Alex Livingston 4, and Eddie Dunn 5th.
James Adamson led laps 1 thru 15 until a single car spin put Robert Belonga in 1st. Alex Livingston retired from the race on lap 43 with mechanical issues. Robert would hold his lead until lap 56 (a total of 41 laps) where James Adamson who had worked his way from the back of the field retook the lead.  Eddie Dunn took 2nd for 6 laps until Robert took the position back on lap 62. Robert made a little headway on James, but James Adamson extended his lead over the last 5 laps to take the Main Win in his PRO1 leading the last 19 laps. Robert Belonga was 2nd 1.773 seconds behind and had the Main fast lap of 6.125 seconds, 3rd was Eddie Dunn, 4th Wayne Rogers, and 5th Alex Livingston.
Sportsman A Main
The Sportsman A Main would be a total of 200 Laps. At LPR that works out to 2 – 75 Lap sections for refuels and then a 50 Lap final segment. The starting order was Jerry Evans, Dave Raber, Mike Little,  Scott Harper, Matt Hilber, Greg Hilber (DNS), Randy Brown , Allen Johnson , David Scott and Frank Boling. 
Jerry Evans led laps 1 thru 14, where Scott Harper took the lead from him, with Matt Hilber right on Scott Harper’s bumper. Scott led the remaining 59 laps to the first Refuel break at lap 75. Allen Johnson made up the most positions having moved up from his starting position of 7th and was 3rd at the break. Running order at that break was Scott Harper 1st, Matt Hilber 2nd, Allen Johnson 3rd, Mike Little 4th, Jerry Evans 5th, Randy Baker 6th, Dave Raber 7th, Frank Boling 8th, and David Scott 9th.
The 2nd 75 lap segment had Scott Harper and Matt Hilber continue their battle for the lead. Jerry Evans picked up his pace and move up into 3rd after dropping to the back of the field in an early one car spin during the first section. Dave Raber dropped out on lap 143 after mechanical issues finishing 9th. Scott was better on a clear track and Matt seemed to be a bit better in traffic. Allen Johnson had to leave the track for a few laps to correct a trailing arm issue but came back after the fuel stop.
At the restart for the final 50 lap segment Scott Harper was still out front, Matt Hilber was 2nd, Jerry Evans 3rd, Mike Little 4th, Frank Boling had moved up from 8th to 5th, Randy Brown 6th, Allen Johnson 7th, and David Scott 8th.
Scott Harper was able to turn some 5.9s in a row to pull a little distance on Matt Hilber, however Matt ran some 5.8s in the last ten laps to close the gap (including the fast lap of the Main in 5.828 seconds), but Scott Harper in his TNT was just too strong and won the A Main by .668 seconds over 2nd place Matt Hilber. Finishing a strong 3rd on the same lap just 2.753 back was Jerry Evans. Mike Little came home 4th, Frank Boling 5th, Randy Brown 6th, Allen Johnson 7th, David Scott 8th, and Dave Raber 9th.
East Coast Modified A Main
Just like the Sportsman A Main this Main was also 200 laps with two (2) fuel stops at 75 lap intervals. TQ of the Heats and on the Pole was Frank Boling, 2nd Todd Holloway, 3rd Keith Barnes, 4th Mike Sadler, 5th David Pirrelio, 6th Matt Hilber who DNS, 7th Butch Smith, 8th Jim Wolfe, 9th Randy Baker and 10th Eddie McCray DNS.
The top three ran in order thru the first 75 Lap segment with Frank Boling running the fast lap of the Main on lap 62 in a time of 5.957 seconds. Biggest mover of the segment was Randy Baker who started last and had moved up to 5th at the refuel brake. Running order at the fuel stop was 1st Frank Boling, 2nd Todd Holloway, 3rd Keith Barnes, 4th Butch Smith, 5th Randy Baker, 6th Mike Sadler, Dave Pirrelio, and 8th Jim Wolfe.
In the 2nd segment Dave Pirrelio parked his car due to mechanical/handling issues to finish 8th and just a few laps later Jim Wolfe also retired finishing 7th. Frank Boling led to lap 98 where Todd Holloway took over 1st. Todd kept the lead for the balance of 52 laps to be in 1st at the 2nd fuel stop break. 2nd was Frank Boling, 3rd Keith Barnes, 4th Butch Smith, 5th Mike Sadler, and 6th was Randy Baker.
The final 50 lap segment saw Todd Holloway pull away from 2nd and 3rd place drivers and Todd Holloway crossed the finish line for the Win in the first ever East Coast Modified NCS Main sanctioned by QSAC in his TNT. 2nd was Frank Boling, 3rd Keith Barnes 7.648 back, 4th Butch Smith, 5th Randy Baker, and 6th Mike Sadler.
Post- Race Inspection was held and all cars pasted tech including a tear-down of the engines of the 4 winners, thus certifying the results as official. Awards for the Top three (3) in all Classes were presented.
The Capitol City Racing Club Co-Chairs would like to say a thanks to all its’ members who contributed to hosting the event, QSAC, QSAC Live! , QS Components, the Associate Sponsors and special thanks to all the racers who traveled and made the QSAC NCS #1 presented by QS Components at Lagoon Park RC Raceway a success.