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Archived Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge

Capital City Racing Club
presents the
Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge

Annual Memorial Event Dedicated to Our Friend & Fellow Racer

The Winners

Jeremy Yoemans
2006Randy Brown
2007Will Landers
2008Jerry Evans
2009Raymond Johnson
Frankie Everhart
J.R. Hartley
Todd Holloway

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2010 Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge
If you missed the 2010 Boyd Hughes race, you missed a lot of racing. The weather was beautiful! Temps in the upper 70's lows in the 50's for both days. The great meal prepared and served up by The Hughes' family on Saturday. I'm, sorry but it don't get no better than this!

Thanks go out to Marlin Wade, he was our Race director, Computer operator, announcer and track shrink! Thanks Marlin you ran a good race by keeping the race moving along, keeping the racers in their places and kept the computer from falling off the deep end to boot, great Job! Ah, It's yours next year if you want it? May be next year i'll remember the format. Hey at least we had the C16!

Thanks to the Hughes for the great Food on Saturday as always it's good no matter what you women bring to the table. I know of several attempts by fellow racer to save others by throwing themselves onto uneaten Fudge. What heroes! I tried to eat my share of baked beans and tater salad and for the most part was successful. I'm sure the old honey pot driver will use all of our names in vain when he comes to change out that old blue water in the out house this week.

Randy baker and Randy Brown, just throw a race and these guys are ready to go! Thanks you two for your support of this race. Randy Baker, you get old Fred Murray healthy and ready to come down next year for the 2011 addition of this race. Fred is in our prayers that is for sure!

The racers from the Carolinas were great as it was great to meet new racers.
Thanks to Jonny Bright and Frankie Everhart for rounding these guys up and coming down for a weekend of racing and fun.

A Special Thanks to Bob Moore who came up from Florida just to be a part of this race. Bob addressed the racers after the drivers meeting and gave all racers who did not know a short history lesson of QSAC from inception to date. Bob wanted to make sure that we all did one thing right, to make sure that when we leave QSAC, leave it in better shape than we found it! Words to live by that's for sure.
Bob also brought out his old modified asphalt racers and put her through the paces around Lagoon Park Raceway. She still looked fast!

Gary Crumb also made the trip to Montgomery to check out all his GC racers and almost got to see a GC pull off a win, Almost! Gary it was great to meet you and the racers you brought with you.

CCRC racers, flawless that's all I can say. another great race.

Well there were some worried racers Friday afternoon. There were some really fast lap times run on Friday but the weather is just like the track. If you don't like it wait a few minutes the clouds will cover the sun and cool the track a bit, them fast times are all gone, and they were! The TQ Saturday was a 6.3. That's a far cry from 5.7 & 5.8 sec laps on Saturday!

Well our TQ on Saturday was Raymond Johnson. Raymond is last years QSAC Sportsman Champion. Since Raymond TQ'd he got to sit out all the heat races and didn't make another appearance until the mains. As well as Allen Johnson who won the Hughes Qualifier races during the 2010 race season.
Now add to that 8 racers who either won heats or battled their way up from the C to the B. And now add a pill draw racer. Yep that is 11 drivers that will be on the track at one time.

The race segments are as follows.
1st Segment (1) 75 lap race, fuel only.
2nd Segment (1) 75 lap race, now a ten minute break to work on your car and get fuel
3rd Segment (1) 75 Lap race but invert the race field. fuel only.
4th Segment (1) 50 Lap race for all the marbles.

That is 275 laps!

The Sportsman class had 9 racers on the same lap at the end of the 275 lap race and the 10th & 11th place cars were only down 2 laps so it was a very close all around race. Congratulations to Sportsman racers and also the winners this is a tough race to win and one you will not forget any time soon. Hey you wait till next year!

1st Frankie Everhart, 275 laps
2nd Randy Brown, 275 laps
3rd JR Hartly, 275 laps

Limited Sportsman
1st Gary Warbington
2nd Johnny Bright
3rd James Warbington
4th Koty Landers

Sprint Car
1st Randy Baker
2nd Will Landers

1st David Popham
2nd JR Hartly
3rd Scott Childress
4th Eddie McCray

The computer print out will be here shortly and I'm sure to post all the technical race stuff that you'll want to see. Hopefully for now this will do.

David Popham
Mike Clark

B.H.A.S.C. Grand Prize Special Homemade Quilt
Dear BHASC Sponsors:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the 4th Annual Boyd Hughes All-Star Championship Race. With the generous support of the Quarter Scale Community and companies such as yours, we are able to continue our quest to honor a fallen racer dear to our Hearts while contributing to his daughter’s college fund. We all understand these are hard economical times which is why your contribution is even more appreciated.
The Hughes family would like to extend their sincere appreciation and gratitude for all that each of you have done and continue to do to hold the memorial in Boyd’s name each year. This race means allot to the Hughes family. This racing organization and being involved with each of you is what Boyd loved. Boyd is greatly missed by his family, and this commemorative occasion by such a great organization is very comforting. Thank you for implementing, not only an annual remembrance of Boyd, but for the economic dedication to Caitlin, Boyd’s daughter. Caitlin is doing well and is very appreciative for your efforts.

Thanks again to each of you and good luck racing! We look forward to next year.

Russell and Patricia Hughes, Rusty Hughes, and Caitlin Hughes

Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.
The Capital City Racing Club

4th Annual BHASC Results
November 22, 2008

-- Sportsman - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 1 275 90:47.40 Jerry Evans
2 8 275 90:47.76 Will Landers
3 5 275 90:48.15 Raymond Johnson
4 9 275 90:48.30 Brandon Pickens 18
5 0 275 90:48.67 Bob Claussen
6 6 274 90:49.76 Daniel Wheat
7 7 273 90:27.36 Joey Williamson, Jr
8 3 273 90:50.17 Dan Yourga
9 4 260 90:42.63 Jim Dispennette
10 2 78 23:01.10 Randy Brown

-- Sportsman - B Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 6 75 12:57.82 Will Landers
2 5 75 12:58.28 Brandon Pickens 18
3 4 75 12:58.89 Bubba Coker
4 3 75 12:59.74 RICK SNIDER
5 2 75 13:00.64 Eddie McCray 09
6 8 75 13:01.46 Cliff Scales
7 1 64 11:13.84 David Popham
-- 9 --- DNS --- Wayne Rogers
-- 0 --- DNS --- Bubba Coker

-- Sportsman - C Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 2 75 11:34.12 Bob Claussen
2 4 75 11:35.09 Cliff Scales
3 1 75 11:36.06 Wayne Rogers
4 5 70 11:37.48 Herbbie Coulbourne
5 3 45 7:14.99 Ron Pipgras 12

-- Super Truck - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 1 100 16:22.29 Jeff Davis
2 5 97 16:23.65 Shane Williamson
3 3 97 16:39.71 Paul Hill
4 4 85 16:24.91 Herbbie Coulboourne
5 2 42 8:10.89 Brandon Pickens
-- 6 --- DNS --- Eddie McCray 09

-- Limited Sportsman - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 1 50 12:33.39 Little Joey
2 6 50 12:36.92 Terry Brumby
3 5 49 12:37.15 Brian McBrayer
4 4 47 12:39.49 Tim Medley
5 3 46 12:33.47 JAMES WARBINGTON
6 2 40 9:56.70 Bobby Hellard
7 7 26 12:47.26 SCOTT CHILDRESS

-- GASCAR - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 1 200 22:42.76 SCOTT HARPER
2 8 200 22:45.02 Clifford Kline
3 6 181 22:50.15 ANDREW SIMMONS
4 7 75 8:52.79 KEVIN ANDREWS
5 2 48 5:06.86 Roger Douglas
6 5 19 2:17.95 Marlin Wade
-- 4 --- DNS --- TIM SMITH

-- Sprint - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 4 56 7:56.70 Jeff Davis
2 2 56 7:58.62 Fred Murry
3 3 56 8:01.57 Randy Baker
4 7 56 8:03.30 Joey Williamson
5 1 55 7:57.09 Larry Hopson
6 5 52 8:02.93 Will Landers
-- 6 --- DNS --- Allen Johnson