Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Bylaws and Contacts updated 1/21/18


At Lagoon Park R/C Raceway

Official Rules and By-Laws


  • Scope and Purpose


The Capitol City Racing Club (CCRC) was formed to promote and support radio controlled motorsports racing, and to provide suitable facilities for racers. CCRC is a non-profit organization chartered in the state of Alabama.



  1. These rules are for the purpose of promoting a safe and organized environment for everyone to enjoy, and are not entirely inclusive of every issue that may arise. Capital City Racing Club henceforth called CCRC may act at any time before, during or after the event to change anything that CCRC officers believes would be in the best interest of the club, the sport, and the safety of participants, spectators or others.
  2. These rules will govern all CCRC events. ( In the case of a QSAC sanctioned event , CCRC rules will apply unless there is a conflict with a QSAC rule, then QSAC rules would apply.)
  3. A copy of these rules and regulations are available to anyone upon request.
  4. CCRC members, participants, manufacturers and race promoters must agree to comply with these rules and regulations.
  5. CCRC Officials, racers and guests are to be treated with respect. We WILL promote a family atmosphere, and are required to observe all Montgomery City Parks and Recreation rules. Members and their guests are reminded that they represent the image of the club as a whole. You and your guests are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times at the track, and on any public forums. Remember that our track is located on public property in a Montgomery City Park, and access to the track spectator area is open to the public on race day.
  7. Profanity is prohibited. Verbal or physical abuse of anyone will not be tolerated.
  8. Any confrontation that results in physical contact may be enforced with immediate termination of club membership and no refund of race entry fee or membership dues. All racing privileges at any CCRC event will also be forfeited for the rest of the year.
  9. Gasoline or nitro fueled engines and the Track PA system may only be operated between the hours of 9am – 9pm. Track lighting is only to be used during a club sponsored event, and may only be turned on by a club official.
  10. No implied or expressed warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as guidelines for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury of any sort to participants, spectators or others.
  11. CCRC, its officers, directors or staff assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise for the failure or malfunction of any product or equipment used at a CCRC event.
  12. Racing will begin at 2:00pm (time subject to change)
  13. Two hours prior to the start of the first race, the track will be under controlled practice, with each class allowed specific practice intervals. The time intervals will be determined on race day by the race director, dependant upon the number of entries and classes.
  14. In the event a rainout is likely, (Montgomery weather forecast for 60% rain or greater, the Co-chairs or an appointee may cancel and reschedule an event 24 hours in advance. Where possible, rainouts will be made up at the next scheduled series date as a double feature race, with separate points awarded for each main. Notice will be by posting on the track website, forum, and/or by phone. It is highly recommended that out of town racers check the local forecast before departure to the track.
  15. In the event of unexpected inclement weather, unusable track conditions or both, race entry fees will credited to a future event for racers that have not completed 2 rounds of qualifying. If two rounds of qualifying have been completed, the race is considered complete and points will be awarded by qualifying position. If a race main has started and has completed ½ of the scheduled laps, then the race will be official and points will be awarded by position at the time of the red flag. If less than ½ the scheduled laps have been completed, we will revert back to qualifying positions for points.
  16. Never turn on your transmitter, (controller) within a 1/4 mile of the track without checking the Frequency Board or the Track Director to see who is operating on that frequency. Gas cars and trucks practice only one tank of fuel, electric cars and trucks run one battery if someone else has the same frequency. You should only be on the driver's stand if your car or truck is running.
  17. Never drive your car in the parking/pit area . If you want to practice, do it on the track. It is permitted to start your gas-powered R/C vehicle in the parking/pit area for engine tuning provided you have checked the frequency board for conflicts.
  18. The SPEKTRUM™ DSM and FASST™ 2.4GHz radio systems have eliminated many of the frequency problems that plagued our sport in the past. We do however; still require the use of the frequency board and clips. Just add a clip to the board with your name and “2.4GHz” or “DSM”.
  19. If there is a frequency conflict in the mains, the higher-qualified racer will have frequency preference.
  20. All vehicles must cross the finish line under their own power.
  21. All racing or practice during club events must be done from the drivers stand. DO NOT drive from pit road. Others may be trying to get on and off the track and you could easily be injured.
  22. No standing on crates, buckets, chairs, rails, ect. on the drivers stand.
  23. Only one registered driver per car can compete. Allowing someone else to qualify or run the main for you is absolutely unfair to other racers and is not legal. We know this is just club racing, but this rule shall not be broken, if it is, your results will not count for that race or qualifier. We will however, allow the use of a single car registered to race in separate classes by different drivers.
  24. Using multiple cars in a given race day is legal and acceptable. The car that was used to start a qualifier or main is the car that must be used for that entire race, or heat. You do have the option of repairing your car or borrowing one for the next race, or heat. You can not use more than one car in a single race.
  25. Annual Membership dues.
    • Regular Membership: $50 (includes Spouse and Children under 19)
    • Lifetime Members receive a 50% discount on annual fees. Must present lifetime membership card to receive the discount. No new lifetime memberships are available.
  26. Race Fees:
    • Club Members: ¼ Scale =$20.00 for First Class, $15.00 for Each Additional Class
    • Non-Members: ¼ Scale: $25.00 for First Class, $15.00 for Each Additional Class
    • Club Members: 1/10th Scale: =$15.00 for First Class, $10.00 for Each Additional Class
    • Non-Members: 1/10th Scale =$20.00 for First Class, $15.00 for Each Additional Class
    • The limited class is allowed a $5 discount at all CCRC events.
    • Special Events, such as QSAC, BHASC, SUPER SERIES, ECT...may designate entry fees at a higher rate.

Note to families: Spouse and Children of regular or lifetime members may enter as an additional class. This break is intended to encourage family participation.


  1. All vehicles will be of Hobby Class to run in races (No Radio Shack, Nikko, etc.).
  2. All ¼ scale cars with meet QSAC class specifications.
  3. All others, ie. 10th scale pan cars, gas or electric will follow sanctioning body rules for the particular class.
  4. It is not permitted to use reverse while racing. If your vehicle is equipped with reverse, DO NOT use it during a race.
  5. ALL vehicles must have working brakes and must perform a brake check at the end of pit road before entering the track. In the event of a brake failure during a race or heat, you will be ordered to pit for repairs. This rule is for the safety of all concerned.
  6. All vehicles must have all 4 tires, a body and an intact exhaust system when driving on the track during racing and practice. If a car loses either of these during an event, the Race control will instruct the driver to enter the pits on the next pass. If the car can be repaired, the driver will be allowed to re-enter the race.
  7. The Race control has final authority to determine if a car will be removed from the track for mechanical reasons. I.e., no brakes, lost wheel, or out of control.


  1. We will run two Quarter scales series this year.
    • Club Championship Series, 12 races, 2 drops. Sportsman and Limited only. Must be a club member to be eligible for Club Champion. For the purposes of this series, any non-member that participates in 10 races during the year will have satisfied the club membership requirements of this section.
    • Super Series, 6 races, 1 drop. All QSAC classes. This series championship is open to all participants. The entry fee is $25 for all classes. Additional class entries are $15. Each Class must have run at least 3 events to qualify for a Super Series championship.
    • Other classes may be added on a temporary basis.
  2. The minimum number of entries to hold a race for a specific class is three.
  3. Other classes not listed may be run provided the minimum number is present to run that class.

Addendum 2018.1
For the 2018 Racing Season the race format and points series shall be as approved during the 2018 CCRC Annual Business Meeting.  The aforementioned classes and points series will only be for the 2018 Race Season as a trial basis. The race format and points series will be evaluated during the 2018 season and voted on again at the 2019 CCRC Annual Business Meeting as to continue or change the race and points format. Please note there is NO Super Series in this format.


  1. We run two or three qualifying heats and then the mains unless otherwise specified. Other qualifying formats may be specified for special events.
  2. Electric qualifying heats and mains will be 4 minutes.
  3. All other qualifying heats and mains will be laps unless otherwise specified
  4. There will be a 15 minute break between rounds. This break period may be reduced for impending inclement weather or other conditions that arise. No break is allowed between heats within the same round.
  5. Only one five minute grace will be allowed per heat or main.


All Quarter scale Marshalling will be done under red flag conditions.

1. Every racer has an obligation to marshal. Generally the 1st and 2nd place finishers are required to marshal the next race. If you are physically unable to marshal, you should seek a replacement and inform race control that someone else is taking your position.

2. A minimum of 2 marshals are required for each race, one on each end of pit road.

3. Wait for race control to instruct you to go onto the track. Never enter the track until all cars have come to a complete stop.

4. You are allowed to replace a dislodged belt, pop out the body, and attempt to restart an engine. If an engine fails to restart after 3 pulls, it must be removed from the track. Broken cars will be removed from the track. Repairs must be done behind the pit wall by the driver or his crew, not the marshal. Your attention is required on the track.

5. All pit stops will be under caution. The car may be refueled only on pit road. Any repairs or adjustments must be done behind the wall, and you lose your position. You must place your car at the end of the line if it is removed for any reason.


  1. The Co-chairs, if present will appoint a 3 person protest committee from the racers present on race day, to assisting in settling disputes that may arise during the course of the day. The decisions of the Protest committee will be final, unless there is a unanimous opinion shared by the Co-chairs that the decision would be detrimental to the common good of the Club.
  2. Racers that wish to lodge a protest must do so, in writing, immediately following the race or heat. During the race or heats, a driver must follow the direction of the race director, or be subject to in race penalties. Protests can and will only be considered following the conclusion of the race. Racers will explain their protest to the Race Director, who will then go to the Co-chairs, The Co-chairs will determine if a meeting of the Protest committee is warranted and if so, will immediately suspend race day activities until the protest is heard.


1. Some common grounds for penalties include, but are not limited to:

    • Unsportsmanlike driving or conduct
    • Vulgar or Abusive Language
    • Intentional car bumping (hammering)
    • Jump starting or non-motionless car (at start of race)
    • Short-Cutting
    • Driving against traffic
    • Applying the throttle while car is being marshaled
    • Servicing and or refueling vehicle while it is in the pits under penalty
    • Careless driving or excessive speed in pit lane
    • Pit person/s having more than one foot in the pit lane or entering the track
    • Obstruction of pit lane by your vehicle and or pit person(s)
    • Refueling a car anywhere but in pit lane.
    • Violation of any of the rules listed in this document.

2. First offense will result in a verbal warning.

  1. Second offense will result in a 1 lap penalty on the current race.
  2. Third offense will result in disqualification for the current race.
  3. The fourth offense will result in a 1-day suspension. The driver will not be allowed the race for the remainder of that day. Race fees WILL NOT be refunded.
  4. If the problem persists from the same person after receiving a 1-day suspension, that driver will be suspended from the racing facility for the next 2 events. Race fees WILL NOT be refunded.
  5. If the problem persists from the same person after receiving a 2-week suspension, that driver will be suspended from the racing facility for the remainder of the race season. Race fees and membership dues WILL NOT be refunded.
  6. Flagrant violations of any of the rules or bylaws may result in revocation of membership and a permanent ban from the property. The Co-chairs will determine if a violation is flagrant.

SECTION VIII- Club Officers


You must be a club member, in good standing, for a minimum of one year to be eligible for election. Any active member in good standing may hold an appointed position.

CO-CHAIRMAN –two, elected, 2 year term.

The Office of Co-chair manages the overall operation and well being of CCRC within the guidelines of these by-laws in a fair and impartial manner, for the betterment of the club and the sport. Co-chairmen will be elected to 2 year terms on an alternating basis.

TREASURER- Elected, 1 year term. Manages all club monies and bank accounts. Makes deposits, pays track bills. Reports to Co-Chairs.

SECRETARY/Public Relations Officer(S.P.R.O.)- Elected, 1 year term. Keep minutes from the annual meeting. Gathers information on members, race day reports, points, pictures, ect. Assist with newsletters to membership. Maintain contact with race sponsors in both procuring donations and setting up the distribution of these prizes on race day(s).

Keep the social media outlets up to date with news and information.

It is NOT expected that the S.P.R.O. perform updates to all social media outlet alone, the S.P.R.O., may appoint an assistant, upon approval of the Co-Chairs, to help with these duties.

WEB MASTER – Appointed. Responsible for maintaining the Club website to provide updated information about the club.

CLUB COMMITTEES – Appointed, 1 year term. Selected by concurrence of the Co-Chairs to consider issues for proposal to club membership, such as schedules, race formats, special events, promotional ideas.

TECH DIRECTOR – Appointed by Co-chairs on an annual basis. Responsible for ensuring technical compliance of the race cars per QSAC specifications. Any traveling series that utilizes our club track to host an event will provide their own tech director.

PROTEST COMMITTEE- appointed per event, reports to race director.

1. A certain number of racers selected by the race director to resolve any type of dispute that may arise at said event.

2. They may also be called on to decide punishment for rules infractions.



The CCRC will hold at a minimum, one annual meeting for the election of officers and conducting the business of the club, at the beginning of each calendar year. A venue for the meeting will be selected with consideration given to traveling members, that will provide the best opportunity for maximum participation. A quorum shall be considered present only if two elected officers and 51% current active membership are present. If a quorum is not present, the meeting will adjourn with no business being conducted. You must be current, active member for 1 year to vote on officers and other club issues at the annual meeting. You must have attended at least 4 club events in the prior year to be considered an active member.

  1. The senior Co-chair or His appointee shall chair the meeting.
  2. The Treasurer shall give an overview and provide a report on the club finances
  3. Club Committees shall make proposals for membership vote.

· Series schedules

· Rule proposals

· Race formats and awards

  1. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meeting.
  2. A Mid-year or quarterly meetings may be scheduled with at least 30 days notification to club membership. Announcement may be by Website, phone or mail.
  3. Event meetings (Drivers meetings) will be held at the track prior to each Club event, to discuss the day’s event. Major issues will be avoided unless it is determined by the Co-chairs that a mid season decision is vital, and a quorum is declared present. Only club members may vote on issues presented during the drivers meeting.


These rules are guidelines to keep our racing fun, fair and family oriented. Please read this rule book on a regular basis and do your part to assist us in making this an enjoyable sport of everyone involved.

Club Co-Chair: Eddie McCray (2017/2018)/Email                           
Club Co-Chair: Eddie Dunn (2017/2018)/Email 
Club Treasurer: David Popham
Club Secretary: Mike Clark

Club Webmaster: Please contact James Adamson for website information. E-Mail

All Contact information is solely for CCRC use only. This information is private and cannot be used for any other reason such as harassment, advertisement, spam....ect.

2018 Points Series:

2018 LPR Track Championship

Total of 10 points races throughout the season

At the end of the Sixth race, the points will be reset and the racers will begin the Finale to the Championship.

All racers meeting the qualifications will be have their points reset to 2000 points, minus 2 points for every position down from First through Fifth, positions Sixth through Tenth will be separated by 3 points, positions 11th on down will be separated by 4 points per position.  This way there is incentive to do better and not just ride it out until the reset.  In addition to the points reset the following bonus points will be awarded throughout the year.  The bonus points will NOT be added until the RESET of the standings. This means that the standings will be reset according to the point standings at the end of the 6th race and THEN the bonus points will be added.

1 point for Single car TQ

1 point for Qualifying TQ

1 point for winning the A-Main

The points BEFORE bonus points are awarded will look like this.

1st 2000
2nd 1998
3rd 1996
4th 1994
5th 1992

6th 1989
7th 1986
8th 1983
9th 1980
10th 1977

11th 1973
12th 1969
13th 1965
14th 1961
15th 1957

All other positions, should they be needed will follow the 4 point separation per position.

This will allow a total of 3 bonus points to be awarded for every race.

Points will be awarded for finishing positions in the Mains starting will 200 points for first and deducting 5 points for each subsequent finishing position.  If entry fee is paid an racer does not run Main than he will receive last place points for that Main. A DNS will  entered if no entry fee is paid. DNS = ZERO points.  That race may be used as a drop in the first 6 races.

All drivers will be eligible for the Finale to the championship, however, for a driver to have the maximum amount of points awarded that driver must have entered at least 5 of the first 6 races. If a driver does not enter at least 5 of the first six races, they are still eligible for the Finale, as long as they entered at least 3 of the points races but their points position will be based on their current position  (rank) in points after race 6 with a 5 point deduction for every race not totaling 5 races. Bonus Points will be added after Race #6.

Ties will be broken by number of wins from A Mains, number of 2nd places, etc. if still tied number of poles in A Main, number of 2nd places, etc. If still tied number of Bonus Points.

Example: Joe is 11th in points with 4 eligible races and 1 bonus point. His total will be 1969 (1973-1 Race, 5 points + 1 Bonus Point),  Bob entered only three of the races and was 10th in points with no Bonus Points so his total will be 1967 (1977-2 races, 10 points).

After Race 6 all Points will be scored as normal with Bonus Points if any will be added after each Finale Race.