Last race of 2019. Annual Toys-for-Tots race. Starts at 1pm 

Club History Page

Welcome to the home page of the
Capital City Racing Club
Montgomery, Al.

The Capital City Racing Club is a non-profit club, formed in October of 1988, for the promotion of radio control scale car racing as a hobby/sport. The track was built through hard work and donations.

The club has always promoted the racing of all scales, and all types of cars, and always will. 1/10th scale on road NASCAR style paved oval, and 1/10th scale off road continue to be the two most popular forms.
In the last few years, nitro power has replaced electric power for many racers, and ready to run touring cars are on the rise.

The Capital City Racing Club Races at the Lagoon Park R/C Raceway, located at 2730 Lagoon Park Dr., here in Montgomery, Al.

The drivers stand at Lagoon Park R/C Raceway is 7 foot tall, to give you a bird's eye view of the track.

Here we see the next heat lined up, and ready to start on the 30 foot wide, 5 degree banked oval.

The 310 foot racing line, along with the width, provide for some fast side by side racing action.

                                                                                    The racers gather under the drivers
stand to discuss club business, and receive race day information.

Welcome to the Home Page of the

Alabama Quarter Scale Auto Racers

The Alabama Quarter Scale Auto Racers (AQSAR) is in existence to promote remote control quarterscale auto racing in Alabama, the Southeast and Nationwide. Quarterscale auto racing is a family atmosphere sport that is as close to driving a real race car as most people will ever get. We are sanctioned by the Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC), which provides rules and procedures to follow to provide close competition, in a safe environment. Which means fun racing, and spectator safety, for all who participate.

All of our races are held at the Lagoon Park R/C Raceway, located at 2730 Lagoon Park Drive in Montgomery, Alabama. We host local, regional, district, and national racing events. Our local races run two classes: Sportsman (1 1/4 hp. engines) and Grand National/Truck (2 hp. engines). We generally run every second and fourth Saturday of each month.


The chassis are made from tube steel, or chrome molly, just like full size stock cars.

The motors are 23cc two stroke gas/oil mix, just like on weedeaters.

The bodies come in clear lexan. They can be painted to resemble your favorite NASCAR driver, or can be customized to your own specific taste. This Mark Martin/Valvoline car is owned by Mark Phillips.

Lagoon Park R/C Raceway provides plenty of pit area for all racers.

We have had as many as 78 racers on hand for a race and have space for many more.

The Hot Pits.
This is where the drivers, and/or their pit man, service the race cars during races and practices.

Here we see Gary Crumb making adjustments to #92.

The drivers stand, which is 7 feet high and sits 10 feet back from the track, provides an excellent view of the 30 foot wide racing surface.

The asphalt track is 30 feet wide and the running line is approximately 310 feet.

This provides plenty of room for lots of door to door, wheel to wheel racing action.

Track electrician David Metzger prepares his race car for the next big race.

In this picture you see the original Hammer Head foam bumpers, the prototypes developed by yours truly, Alex Love, are the forerunners of the various copy cat foam bumpers found on chassis today.

The Capital City Racing Club's
humble beginnings

Here, to the best of my knowledge, are the only existing pictures of the club before the Lagoon Park R/C Raceway was built. In fact, as I remember, the track was under construction when they were taken.

As you can see, we started in local
parking lots, with a portable track
made of 2x4 lumber.

Turn Marshalls would stand on the
outside of the 12 foot wide track.


One thing that's never changed is
the various ways drivers deal
with the weather conditions.